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Email Marketing Hacks

Did you know that “Email Marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social” and “Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter”?*

If those statistics don’t convince you and encourage you to start (and master) your email marketing strategy, then I don’t know what will.

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Email Marketing Strategy for the Creative Entrepreneur

Did you know that “email [marketing] is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter?” In addition, “email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel”* The effectiveness and importance of email marketing cannot be disputed and all the experts joined the train a long time ago! If you’re reading this, I doubt I need to convince you that you need an email list. You’re probably here because you don’t know how OR you don’t know what to do now that you have an email list!

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Planning and Executing A Launch

In the past year, my business has changed a lot. The business I was running in 2016 is completely different than the business I am running in 2017. There are a lot of things that influenced these changes, but there is one thing I really started to research and implement. It transformed my income and my my business. And I bet you can already guess what it was?

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Five Mistakes You're Making With Your Email List

They told you to start an email list because that’s the new thing to do, right? So you started one. And now you’re confused why you aren’t seeing the conversions you want to see. You thought that “the list” was the most important thing for your business right now, but it just seems like a huge waste of time AND you aren’t seeing results. I hear ya, girlfriend.

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Five Steps to Kickstart your Email Marketing

“You need a mailing list”

If you’re a business owner, I’m sure you’ve heard or read this within the past year. I am guessing you’ve noticed that social media has changed and you aren’t able to depend on Instagram for all your marketing purposes. You’ve probably read blog posts about Mailchimp vs. Convertkit. And I’m also guessing that at some point in the process of learning about email marketing, you’ve also felt stressed and anxious about it.

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