Email Marketing Hacks

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Did you know that “Email Marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social” and “Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter”?*

If those statistics don’t convince you and encourage you to start (and master) your email marketing strategy, then I don’t know what will.

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If you’re here reading this, then you probably either have an email list and your email marketing efforts are flat, or you’re finally ready to start an email list!

Either way, I am so glad you’re here!

If you haven’t already, download my tips for kickstarting your email list. I will address some of them in this post, but that list will help you build your foundation. But let’s go a little farther and talk and talk about things you can do to improve your efforts and get conversions from your hard work.

Email Marketing Hacks

Use a platform that works: There are countless email marketing platforms to choose from. So, you have options. But the truth is: there are certain strategies that work for email marketing. In my experience, Seva (formerly ConvertKit) has a very user-friendly experience while also utilizing formatting that promotes and encourages conversions. For me, I needed a platform that was easy to use and something that visually made sense to me! So, when setting up sequences, Seva made sense to me. It was visual and helped me see how things would work. If you want to get started with Seva, you can get your first 30 days free with this link!

Create the perfect Opt-in: I am sure that you know, or you’ve heard, that the way to grow your email list is by having an opt-in. But then what?? It’s easy to create an opt-in. And if you use Seva, it’s easy to set up the form where your audience can download the perfect opt-in that you have created. After that, sequences can be set up to make it completely automated. But first, you have to get them to sign up.

One mistake I see people make often is the type of opt-in they create. They create a quick, free download without first taking to time to determine if that “freebie” is actually something their audience would be interested in downloading.

So, the first step is getting to know your audience. What questions do they ask? What do type of posts get the most interaction? You have to start paying attention to what content is most important and valuable to your audience.

After you take the time to get to know your audience and listen to their needs, the next step is to create multiple options. You don’t want too many, but having only one thing to offer your audience might not work. It takes time. Experiment. If you aren’t quite sure what your audience wants, create multiple options and then see what opt-in is most popular. This “market research” helps you know what your audience is most interested in and can help you continue to create the perfect content.

If you’re a wedding professional, my friend Kinsey Roberts has created templates for easy, amazing opt-ins that you can customize. They are seriously amazing! Shop here.

Remind your reader who you are: Unfortunately, everyone has an overflowing email inbox. (Confession: I have over 4k unread emails in my personal email account. I am too scared to even open it anymore. gasp!). So, this means that you want to make sure your reader remembers you and wants to open your emails. So, at the beginning of each email, consider writing a little line or blurb that reminds your reader who you are, why you’re showing up in their inbox, and what they can expect.

Something like this, “Hey Rachel! Welcome to our weekly chats about business and empowerment. I am your go-to gal for encouraging entrepreneurship advice and I’m so glad we can virtually meet up in your inbox today. How has your week been?”

Become known for something: This might take time. But, doing the same thing as everyone else is not going to get you anywhere. Being different will set you apart and decrease your competition. You want your emails to provide content and information that no one else provides, so your reader stays subscribed. You know yourself and your business the best, so what can you offer and provide that is unique? What can you become known for?

Take time to create this reputation. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen overnight. The most important thing you can do is continue to show up and be consistent with writing emails and offer your unique content.

Host an online challenge: The best thing I have ever done for my email list growth is host an online challenge. I have host three challenges, an Instagram challenge, a challenge for Product Shop Owners, and a challenge to help business owners learn how to launch a product or service. You can read about them here! All these challenges grew my list by the hundreds. It also helped me start and grow a Facebook group and establish myself as an educator. Is there a topic that you are an expert of? What can you teach your audience about?

I hope that you are able to use these tips to grow your email list and start using the most powerful tool for marketing and conversions.

And don’t forget to download our “5 Tips to Kickstart Your Email Marketing” guide!


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