How to Survey Your Audience (and why it matters)

How to Survey Your Audience (and why it matters)-1.jpg

Would you believe me if I told you that the most profitable products and services I have created are all a result of surveying my audience? Believe it or not, it’s true!

I had no idea what my audience was wanting, but surveying allowed me to not only create the perfect product, but also increase my revenue but also learn more about my audience.

Understanding the desires and needs of your audience is priceless, and if you want to make an impact in their lives (while also growing your business), it’s important that you take the time to get to know who you’re serving.

Surveying your audience should matter to you because it gives you insight into the people who are interested in your business. This allows you and equips you to make educated decisions rather than guessing and wondering if your next product will sell.

You can confidently launch a new product or service, knowing that it’s exactly what your audience is asking for. And if your audience feels like they played a role in your decision to create a new product/service, they will feel more invested and will be more likely to purchase or sign up.

If you’re all ready to start surveying your audience, but have no idea where to start, then you’re in the right spot. I am going to share six different ways to survey your audience and conduct market research.

Surveying your audience:

  • Giveaway for comments (also boosts engagement): you can post an image of one of your products and then ask for comments and you’ll randomly pick a winner! This is easy to select a winner; just pick! The question you can ask can range from blog post content idea suggestions, to what’s your customers’ favorite products. Example here.

  • Survey: (typeform or survey monkey): If you want to ask more detailed questions from your audience, I suggest trying an actual survey they fill out. I’ve had success with asking people to fill out when I offered a reward. So, all responders are entered into a giveaway! For Survey Monkey, free option will max out at 100 responses.

  • Instastory polls: there is a great option built into Instagram Story now! You can create polls in your story and have short, easy answers. I decided to sell mystery boxes by posting a poll and sold almost 30 within 2 days!

  • Facebook poll: Facebook has options for polls as a post. You can write one from your Facebook group (if applicable), or you can always create polls in other Facebook groups. DO NOT PROMOTE with your poll. Simply ask questions like: “What products do you look for when shopping small?” etc.

  • Study competitors and their top-selling products: Take time to look at shops who serve a similar target audience. What products seem to fly off their shelves?

  • Study shopping patterns of your customers: what are your best-sellers? What do they talk about buying?

If you are going to conduct a formal survey, I've put together some ideas for you for what questions to ask and what information to gather.

Types of questions to ask (for product shops):

  • What draws you to my brand?

  • What are three words to describe my brand/business/products?

  • What is your favorite product in the shop right now?

  • What type of product would you like to see? (Have options and fill in area)

  • What stops you from purchasing (give options: shipping cost, price point of product, don’t need, not spending money)

  • What type of products do you like to purchase for gifts?

*if you are offering a giveaway in exchange for answers (for example: all entries are entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card!), make sure you have a way to gather their info so you can enter them into a giveaway)

Types of questions to ask (for service providers):

  • What draws you to my brand?

  • In your words, what services do I provide?

  • Do you believe your business needs my services?

  • If so, why?

  • If not, why?

  • What’s stopping you from booking my services?

  • What’s your biggest pain point?

  • Do you believe your have to skills to fix this problem?

After finishing with your survey, it’s time to take all the information you’ve gathered and make a decision about what you can now offer them. Because we spend so much time inside our business, we aren’t always able to see what people are asking for.

Hopefully, by the end of surveying your audience, you have a clear direction for what service you can provide or what new product to make!

Above all, you have taken the time to get to know your audience and learn about their likes, dislikes, interests, and more. And that my friend, is priceless.

If you have take more time to learn about who you serve, rather than telling them to buy and purchase and sign up, the better.