The Importance of Being Vulnerable

The other day I was catching up with a friend from college and at one point in the conversation he said “I’ve never known you to ever stuff or hide your emotions” to which we all chuckled and joked that two hours was a long time for me to go without processing how I feel about something.

So, for me, talking about how I feel and how I am doing is like second nature. I’ve sometimes disliked this quality about myself because it makes me feel too emotional, too much. In recent years, I’ve learned that I was created this way for a reason and I should view it as a strength. Not everyone can share their emotions and be honest so easily. So, I’ve looked at ways that I can use this strength to impact lives and grow my business.

From the genesis of my business, it’s always been important for me to be vulnerable and honest. I never wanted to showcase a perfect life or business. I never wanted others to look at my website, blog, social media, and think that I have a perfect life, marriage, or business. That is so far from the truth. Every person has her own battles she is facing and the sooner we can remember that, the easier our life will be. Comparison will fade away and gratitude will take its place.

I want to talk to you about why being vulnerable is important. In both life and business.

In life, it’s important to be vulnerable because you will feel so alone if you aren’t.  Being vulnerable allows you to connect other humans. It allows you to encourage others and be encouraged by others. It allows you to love well and be loved. It gives you opportunities to share your story and those moments touch lives more than we will ever know. I would argue that being vulnerable makes you human. Without it, you will walk through each day feeling like a robot, going through the motions, just trying to survive. Letting down your walls and being vulnerable breaks through hatred, bias, and unkind words. It allows us to see different perspectives and learn about other experiences. I could go on, but do you see why it’s important?

Now when it comes to your business, you might be saying “well, I can’t be too vulnerable because I want people to trust my business and that I am worthy of being invested in. I hear you. And I’m not suggesting that you need to share every single dirty little secret you have. But sharing parts of your story is what will connect you with your audience. If your audience thinks you’re perfect, they won’t connect with you. Because no one is perfect. So, if you allow them to see some of your imperfections while sharing how you overcome, they will feel connected to you on a deeper level.

And with deeper connection comes deeper trust. Trust is the foundation of building a loyal audience. If they trust you, they will invest in you and continue to show up.

When I started sharing more of ME, rather than just artwork and my creations, my audience grew. I was able to actually have an impact on their life. I was able to speak truth and kind words. I now had a platform. What a blessing.

So, the being vulnerable isn’t just about facing your demons and letting your skeletons out of the closet. It’s about the human experience and the opportunity to love, empower, and encourage others through your story. We all have powerful stories. And it’s about time we started sharing them.