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How To Run A Heartfelt Business

If you’ve been around my business for awhile, I would hope that you know that I am centered around running a heartfelt business and helping others to do the same. I started my business with the mission to serve and love others above all else. Yes, I need to make money to pay the bills and buy diapers, but those worries are secondary to me. And thankfully, I know there are other people out there like me. There are business owners who seek and strive to serve their clients well. They aim to be heartfelt and honest in their business. They want their business to make a difference in the lives it touches and serves. This fact gives me so much joy and hope.

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The Importance of Being Vulnerable

The other day I was catching up with a friend from college and at one point in the conversation he said “I’ve never known you to ever stuff or hide your emotions” to which we all chuckled and joked that two hours was a long time for me to go without processing how I feel about something.

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