My Top Ten Tips for New Business Owners

Entering into entrepreneurship as a new business owner can be incredibly scary, overwhelming, and confusing! That's why I have developed my top ten tips for new business owners. There are so many voices out there telling you what to do and what not to do, and sometimes it would be easier if we just had someone give us a formula. Unfortunately, there is no perfect formula to success in business, or anything for that matter! However, there are a handful of tips that I believe all new business owners should know!

I receive a lot of comments, messages, and emails asking about where to begin when starting a business. Here are my few tips about starting a business, and if you want to go deeper. Let's schedule a strategy session!

10 Tips for New Business Owners

  1. Name your Business and Create social media accounts: this is a 2-for-1 tip, but they go together! Once you pick your name, make sure you can have access to the social media handles that coincide with your business name.
  2. Write a Mission and Vision Statement: It is important that you take to time to figure out why you're doing what you're doing and who you're doing it for. Spend time writing paragraphs about the mission and vision you have for the business you are launching. If you have a reason and purpose behind your business, then you have more drive and purpose than a lot of other business owners out there. These statements should not start with anything about money or profits. These statements are deeper and bigger than that!
  3. Set Goals: in addition to having your mission and vision statement, you need to have goals that are clear and achievable. Goals are important because they help you have purpose and drive behind your to-do lists. You need to have specific goals to help you reach and accomplish your vision and mission statements!


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