Mother's Day Made Easy

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As someone who recently walked through a pregnancy loss, I realize that Mother’s Day can be an incredibly painful holiday for some. And I want to recognize that and if that’s you, know that I am lifting you up in prayer and I am here for you. Feel free to send me a message or email and I am more than happy to send you an encouraging note.

In all things, there are things to rejoice and things to mourn. And this “holiday” feels like one of those moments. So, if you’re looking for a gift for Mother’s Day, I curated a list of some different gift ideas depending on who you’re looking for. Maybe you’re looking for your mom or a friend, or maybe you’re one of two males that will read this and you’re looking for your wife or partner! Whoever you are, I’ve got some ideas for you!


Gifts to Give Your Mom

  1. The Mama Box: this box was curated to bring every mama some joy, peace, and self care. We know she will love it. Bonus: the value of the box is over $70, but it’s only $50.

  2. Present Over Perfect; the book: this book is for anyone looking for more simplicity and a more soulful way of living. I’m sure your Mom would love this!

  3. The Gratitude Journal: I keep getting messages about this journal and how it has helped transform the mindsets of our customers. It’s a game changer and anyone will love it! We’ve got three lovely covers to choose from.

  4. A delicious candle: I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring this shop owner and I know your Mom would love a candle from her shop!

Gifts to Give your Mama friend

  1. A simple card: a close friend of mine wrote me a simple card for Mother’s Day and it was honestly one of my favorite gifts from the entire year! I was a nod to the hard transition I was in (new mamahood) and a “I see you and you’re doing great”. Incredibly thoughtful and meaningful. It’s still hanging on my fridge!

  2. This candle: hand-poured by one of my students and with a label designed by yours truly, I know your friend will love it. The smell is divine.

  3. This book: Every Mama needs a simple, easy to read novel and this is a great one! Fun, creative, and a page turner.

  4. This mug! We know that your mama friend would love this mug! But if you don’t think that’s the perfect fit, we have this one and this one too! Take your pick--or grab all three!

  5. Giftcard to Starbucks: the drive thru is her friend and the less that has to come from her bank account, the better! :)

Gifts to Give Your Wife/Partner

  1. This mug duo: “These are the Days” and “Mama” mugs are a beautiful sight to see after a sleepless night. She will feel even more loved it arrives in her bedroom with coffee in it!

  2. The Mama Box: I worked hard to make this box perfect for every mom--no matter what stage of motherhood they are in. We think she will love this! The value of the box is over $70, but the box is only $50! Huzzah!

  3. Fresh flowers or a plant: I am a big fan of fresh flowers...they make the whole home feel bright and cheery. I know she’d love them too!

  4. A pedicure gift card: a 60 minute pedicure is LITERAL heaven on earth for a mom. Enough said.

  5. A solo date to Target: if you’re a mom, I’m going to bet you love Target. But you know what a mom loves even more? Strolling the aisles of Target without a child asking for snacks or trying to climb out of the cart or pull things from shelves. It’s the little things.

Gifts for the New Mom

  1. Homemade snacks: the early days of nursing are marked by HUNGER. Real hunger. Bring over some snacks and maybe even a sweet handwritten note to tell her she’s doing great.

  2. This candle: I’ve been burning this candle non-stop and I bet it would make her house feel clean, even if it’s strewn with laundry, dirty diapers, and plenty of spit up on her shirt.

  3. These...LOL, but these are really a life saver in the first weeks of nursing. Just make sure you tell her to pop them in the fridge for a bit before using them. Sweet relief!

  4. The Mama Box! This box would be PERFECT for the new mom. It will make her feel SO loved, remind her that she’s amazing and give her some self care. And don’t forget...this box is valued at over $70, but it’s only $50. We know she will love it--and quantity available is very limited!

Gifts for someone who experienced loss

  1. He Restores My Soul mug: this mug was created for Easter but also for a reminder of hope and His enduring love and grace. It was designed during my season of grieving the loss of a pregnancy.

  2. Joy Comes in the Morning mug: this mug was intentionally created for those experiencing grief and is intended to be a daily reminder of hope.

  3. Joyful tee: this tee is soft, comfortable, and flattering. I’m sure she would love it!

  4. Gift card to her favorite store: this could be Target, a coffee shop, or The Rachel Allene Shop!

  5. Gratitude journal!

I know that you have plenty of options when it comes to shopping small for holidays and gift ideas, so it means so much to me when you choose to purchase from my shop! If you’re a mama and you’re reading this, feel free to copy and paste this blog post and send it to a loved one in a text or email. They’ll get the hint!