Friday Favorites May 3rd: podcast, skincare, and swimsuits!

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Happy Friday and welcome to the newest series on the blog today! I have been wanting to get back into blogging and I thought it would be fun to start sharing a roundup of my favorite things! I get asked a lot about certain products I use and love over on my Instagram stories, so this is also a new and fun easy to share more with y’all. This week, I’m sharing a current favorite podcast, a skincare line that *just* launched, my favorite item of clothing, what’s in my bag for the beach, and a recipe that is delicious and indulgent.

1. The Daily Podcast:

I’ve been listening to this podcast for several weeks now and I love it so much! I am not one to have time to read the news (although I love reading TheSkimm) and we don’t have cable so I also don’t have full access to it either. However, I think it’s important to stay informed with what’s going on and be educated. That’s why I love The Daily! It’s a daily podcast created by The New York Times and it brings a whole range of stories to its listeners. What I also love is that the episodes are around 25 minutes and can be listened to while I’m driving around for errands or folding laundry. You can find it wherever you listen to podcasts!


2. Everwell and Co.:

one of my previous coaching clients just launched a non-toxic skin care line with a friend and I am obsessed! Their products don’t have any chemicals or toxins BUT they are affordable--something I have been searching for! I just purchased this because it will be perfect for Summer nights spent outdoors. I am anxiously awaiting my order! I also have my eye on the makeup remover, facial oil, and rose water toner. Just dreamy!


3. My favorite overalls:

this is probably my most common question asked on my Instagram stories. Ha! In fact, when I was recently in Charleston, I was in Free People and two of the clerks stopped me to tell me that they loved my overalls. They were shocked and excited to learn that they are actually from Amazon and only $23. Winning! They come in several colors and I love them.


4. Two new swimsuits:

In one week, we will be getting ready to head to Hawaii! I cannot even begin to express how excited I am for this trip! We will be celebrating my Mom and sister’s birthday and it will be an all around good time. We don’t have many plans besides playing at the beach, hiking, eating Acai bowls and laughing. Should be a good time! I obviously needed new swimsuits for the trip, so I bought a two piece and a one piece! I am loving the high waisted two piece options lately! We are heading to the island of Kauai and that’s where we were a little over two years ago for our babymoon. So many memories. It will be so sweet to bring Knox there. Cue all the tears!


5. Overnight cinnamon rolls:

this past weekend we hosted a brunch for some graduating college seniors! They were here to eat good food and talk about stewarding finances well post-college. Fun things to discuss! I wanted to prepare a delicious and enjoyable treat and I thought cinnamon rolls would be the perfect solution. I made some overnight cinnamon rolls back in December when we hosted a Christmas brunch and thought it would be fun to do it again! I like doing an overnight recipe because it simplifies it a bit. In December, I made three batches, so a single batch was completely manageable! Here’s the link to the recipe! These would be so fun to make on a Friday night and serve fresh on Saturday morning. If you’re new here, I share a lot of healthy, gluten free and dairy free recipes over at Rachel Allene Wellness. The recipe for these cinnamon are not that--but they are delicious!


Hope you have a great weekend, friends!