Spring or Summer Clothes for a Toddler

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I’ve recently been getting asked more and more questions about clothes for a toddler, where we shop, and what my favorite styles of clothes are. To be honest, I’m honored! I wouldn’t consider myself a mom blogger in ANY WAY, but after many requests, I decided to put together a post about where we snag our clothes.

Before I dive into that, you need to know a little bit about my “rules” for clothing and what I always look for. After doing this mom thang for almost two years, I figured out a few things about dressing a little person.


For me, a piece of clothing has to pass a few “tests”. See below:

  • It cannot be white.

  • It has to be able to be worn with multiple types of pieces

  • It can’t be too pattern-y

  • It must be seasonally versatile

If you can get on board with those rules, read on!

Where we like to shop:

H&M: they have some of the most high-quality items, reasonably priced, and most of their clothing is “conscious”. The only downside is the sizing. It’s a bit different than normal children clothes sizing, so I suggest sizing down. However, I have a one-the-smaller-side kiddo, so that’s what I’ve learned to do.

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Current favorites at H&M:

  1. Joggers

  2. Dinosaur Shorts

  3. Three pack of tees

  4. Striped Tee: only $3.99!

  5. Double Weave Shorts

I would encourage you to browse ALL of the H&M clothes for kids. They are probably my favorites! They are simple and versatile and really great quality!

Target: I specifically love the Cat & Jack brand. The pieces are stylish, simple, versatile, and affordable! Quite honestly, I like to grab a tee, pair of shorts, or pants almost every time we go. It’s usually $5-$9 and he’s growing pretty quickly that I like to slowly add to the wardrobe.

Untitled_Artwork 38.jpg

Current Favorites at Target:

  1. Cat & Jack Striped Toddler Tee

  2. Cat & Jack Khaki Denim shorts

  3. Cat & Jack Toddler Tee with pocket

I also LOVE all the Cat & Jack shorts currently on the Target site. You can find them all here!

Old Navy: I have an Old Navy credit card so we get points AND they pretty much always have a sale, so when I am shopping for myself, I typically add a few things for Knox in the order to get free shipping.

Untitled_Artwork 40.jpg
  1. Teal Tee

  2. Dry Quick Shorts

  3. Swim Trunks

  4. Water shoes: we are going to Hawaii in May, so these would be great!

  5. Sandals

  6. Striped Tee


Mac & Mia box: we love getting a box once in awhile from Mac & Mia! Have you heard of StitchFix? Well, it’s basically that, but for kids! We can get a box whenever we want and keep what we like! Most of the items I get compliments on are from our Mac & Mia box. They have the cutest items! You keep what you like, send back what you don’t. BONUS: if you use this link to request your first box, you get a $20 merchandise credit! Holla!


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