Friday Favorites: May 31st, 2019

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How is it the FINAL day of May?! I cannot believe it! This month flew by because we traveled so much. Honestly, it doesn’t slow down much for us in June, but that’s what Summer is for, right?! Summer is always especially bust for us because of a lot of family birthdays. It’s always crazy and busy and fun! This week I am sharing my favorites from this week and some of my most frequently asked questions. So, this will be fun!


Emily Speir Presets

I get asked SO many times about my feed, photos, and how I edit everything. Well friends, it’s quite simple! I used mobile Lightroom presets that I have from Emily! So, how does it work? Well, you need to have mobile Lightroom app (it’s free!) and then you can purchase mobile presets and upload them to the Lightroom App. There’s tons of presets out there, but I have a few favorites! I personally use the “Cool” preset from Emily Speir. But, I also love the Veil presets, The Light and Airy Presets, and Brittley Preset Suite. All have a different “feel”, so it’s totally your preference!


Defender Song:

This song has been my hope lately. My faith is a huge part of my life and worship is a way for me to really connect with God. And this song brings me to tears almost every time I listen to it. I listen to it at least once and day. For the season of life I am currently in, it’s been a huge source of hope for me.



if you watch my Instagram stories, you’re probably aware that my child LOVES his binky (that’s what we call it). Despite what you might think, he actually does go without it for plenty hours of the day. BUT, there’s no denying his fierce love for his binky. It’s pictured in plenty of pictures of himWe’ve been using this binky style since he was about 6 months old and he LOVES it. It’s a natural pacifier that is free of BPA. PVC, Phthalates, Parabens, Chemical Softeners + Colorants. I love them so much! And so does he :) I buy the three pack--it saves you $10!


Gratitude Journal:

I recently added a brand new cover design for the gratitude journal! On top of that--I truly do love this item. I use it frequently and it really helps me set my mindset in the right spot at the beginning of the day! I recently had a customer ask me if that would always be in stock because she never wants to be without one! So many praises!



In the last few years, I’ve really started to read more and I love it! And while I love turning the pages of a book, I also love to use the Audible App to listen when I run or go for walks. I have NEVER paid for a book on Audible because they give you credits to use on books. I can’t listen quick enough, so I always have credits to use. I love the app and I am currently listening to Then She Was Gone and I am hooked! I also listened to this on Audible and I loved it.


W3LL People Tinted Foundation: I only use non-toxic makeup and this is my favorite! It’s a tinted moisturizer and I use it like foundation. I don’t wear makeup every single day and I don’t use that much of it, but this is one of my staples! I just went to purchase more on Amazon and saw that the last time I purchased it was May, this little bottle lasted me over a year! That’s AMAZING! I get the “Fair” color.

Happy friday!

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