Friday Favorites May 24th: new movie, favorite flowers, and fabulous book!

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This week has been a doozy in some ways and a wonderful week in other ways! Did you see that I launched a brand new product line? It’s one of my favorite product lines of all time and it also has a theme! It’s called Bright + Kind and all the products were created to spread kindness to the people we encounter, but also be a source of light in your life! The night before I launched the products, I came down with a *horrible* stomach bug. But y’all still showed up and supported. So so grateful!

But enough about that, let’s talk this week’s favorites!


Coral Charm Peonies

I mean, do I have to say anything else? I had about 6 hours at home before getting “deathly” ill (we got back from Hawaii late on Sunday night/morning) and I snagged some peonies at Trader Joe’s and I am so glad I did! These beauties have been bringing me joy next to my bedside as I’ve spent days in bed. They are truly my favorite flowers in the whole world and they only come for a few weeks a year. So I savor them as much as I can!

Marco Polo the App

Have you tried this app yet? I am not one to adopt a new app simply because I feel like I already have enough going on and I don’t need more to keep track of. But after a recent trip to Charleston, a Marco Polo group chat was started with a few gals and it’s so fun! It’s basically a group video chat and the videos don’t disappear. So, you just talk back and forth. I love it for friendships that are long distance! This way I can see them and feel like they are a part of my life!


iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

I get a lot of questions about how I create my hand-lettered designs and my digital quotes that I post on Instagram. The answer is quite easy! I wouldn’t be able to do it without my Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I then use the app Procreate to do all the designs. Don’t make the same mistake I made: you need to have an iPad Pro to be able to use the Apple Pencil! These two items have been some of the best investments for my business! Because I have a laptop, I just have the iPad that uses WiFi and doesn’t use data. I love it! And the Apple Pencil cannot be beat. I tried a different stylus before. It doesn’t even compare.


Where The Crawdads Sing

I grabbed this book at Costco the week before our trip to Hawaii and was so eager to read on the trip! Having a toddler at the beach doesn’t allow for much free time, but I was able to sneak in a little bit of reading here and there. While I haven’t finished this book, I will say that I love it. The way it is written is beautiful! So, I would definitely recommend reading it. I can’t wait to finish it!

Wine Country

This is a new movie on Netflix with some of the best female comedians! I watched it on the drive home from the airport (at midnight) and loved it so much. Hilarious and entertaining. I love Amy Poehler so I will always love her movies!


The Bright + Kind Line

Is it boasting to pick my product line as a favorite this week?! I hope not. Truthfully, I am really quite proud of the products and how they turned out. I love that there is meaning and purpose behind them. If you want to learn a little bit more about the product line and why I created it, go read this post! If you have your eye on anything, I suggest snagging it! Some items are already sold out and some are low in stock! I hope you find something you love!

*some, not all, of the links listed here are affiliate links. If you choose to purchase, I may receive a small kick back. I appreciate the support!

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