Bright + Kind Product Line | The "Why"

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If you follow me just a little bit, you’re probably in tune to the fact that my intention with my products is to bring joy and truth into your life every single day. I want my products to impact your life and challenge you to dwell on truth, positivity, hope, and joy throughout your day. When I say I pour my heart and soul into my products, I really do. I am way more driven by impacting your life than I am about sales strategy and reaching my goals. I mean, those things matter to me. But above all, I want to serve you in way that product tangible outcomes of joy in your life. 

So, all of that being said, allow me to introduce you to the brand new Summer line: “bright + kind”! I am overly excited about this!

Never before have I picked a theme or title for a specific launch but as I was planning and designing this launch, I started to really see a theme. And to be completely honest, I am writing this as I am on a flight that doesn’t have wifi. I was planning to work the entire 5 hour flight, but that obviously didn’t happen. I was faced with a blank document and lots of time. As I sat here finalizing the designs for the Summer launch, I decided I wanted to take this even deeper. I wanted this line of products to spur and cultivate a movement within this tribe. I truly, truly believe that the world has the potential to be a better place if we just sprinkled a little more kindness around us. 

Let’s back up a few hours. As I said, I am currently sitting on a plane flying home. What you don’t know is that I have been traveling for 14 hours today and I still have about 3 more hours to go. What else you don’t know is that I have slept 13 hours in the past 3 days and I am exhausted. I’ve been away from my sweet babe and I was SO excited to get home in time for bedtime. And then my flight was delayed 30 minutes. And then another 30 minutes. I finally got on the plane and we sat on the tarmac for an hour. Minute by minute, I was losing bedtime with Knox. I was sad and upset and viewing the world with a “cup half empty” view. 

As we sat on the tarmac, you can feel the tension in the air. Every single person is getting hungry and cranky and wondering WHY we aren’t in the air yet. I was getting more disappointed by the minute. Frustrated. Annoyed. Inconvenienced. 

And shortly, I noticed the kind woman next to me “having a moment”. There was a huff and frantic searching on her phone and a wiped tear from her face. I thought that maybe she was going to miss a connecting flight. I had my own frustrations about the delay myself. 

By nature, I’m a keep to myself kind of gal when I travel. I’m not here to make friends. But I kept feeling like I need to ask her if she was okay. I felt like she needed a hug. I saw her wipe some tears. So, I took my frustrated and tired and cranky pants off and I put on my kindness pants and simply said “are you okay? I just want to check on you.” Turns out, she really needed to talk. I’m not going to share her story publicly without permission, but girlfriend just needed a hug and someone to verbally process with. She’s still sitting next to me as I write this. We bonded over our flight anxiety and turbulence. She didn’t have headphones that worked with the TV but I had and extra pair that I let her borrow. We both got adult beverages when they finally served us and we cheers’d each other. We talked and hugged. It was beautiful. 

And it all started with a tiny bit of kindness. Imagine what the entire plane would have been like for everyone else if we all just said: “are you okay?” 

So, without wifi and the addition of this tiny beautiful moment of kindness, I decided to brand my summer products as “bright + kind”. 

BRIGHT: because no matter how hard our life is or how hard our day had been, we always have an opportunity to be a bright light in someone else’s day. Shine on. 

KIND: because the world needs more kindness and it’s a lot easier to be kind. And it costs you absolutely nothing. Consider that.

So friends, allow me to introduce you to the “bright + kind” product line. I seriously and wholeheartedly hope you love it. 


Cheers to being bright and kind lights shining all over the world!