Friday Favorites May 17: New Snack, Favorite Workout, and Sunscreen

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We are almost done with our Hawaiian vacation! So so sad to see this time come to an end but it’s been such a special week! I will definitely be sharing a blog post about our trip at some point, but I still wanted to share my favorite things from this week! Here’s my favorite things this week!


The Act:

Truth be told, I watched this a couple weeks ago, but I still wanted to share about this show! What you need to know about me is that I love True Crime shows and podcasts, so if that’s not for you…move on :) If you don’t know, this show is based on a true story and it’s an eight episode mini series. I think it was done SO well! The acting was phenomenal and I binged this show pretty quickly. After I watched The Act (can be seen on Hulu), I watched the HBO Documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest which is based on the same story! I was impressed by how accurate The Act was to what happened in real life! Anyways, great show.


These Peanuts Go on a Date Bars:

I recently discovered these at Trader Joe’s and they are super similar to Lara Bars…which I love! These are easier on the wallet and just as good (in my opinion!). We took these to Hawaii with us and they’ve been a great snack to have on hand for hikes and beach days.


Barre3 Online:

This is my absolute favorite type of workout! It’s the only workout I’ve ever actually seen results from (besides running) and it’s also so great for my mind. I also love that I can do the workouts at home or on-the-go! I’ve done some this week in Hawaii and it’s such a great feeling to be able to squeeze in some workouts that I ENJOY while on vacation. It’s a great combo of cardio and strength training. You can try it FREE for 14 days, but I am sure you will love it. I truly crave working out because I love it so much.


This Floral Dress:

I bought this dress in two different patterns and I love them both. I wore one in Italy last Summer and I’ve worn this one a couple of times! It’s flowy, flattering, affordable, and comfortable! I also think it would probably work great with a baby bump. Win-Win! You can pick from a bunch of different patterns here. I purchased a x-small in this pattern.


Blue Lizard Sunscreen:

I am ALWAYS on the hunt for clean skincare and home products! Months ago I saw someone post about this sunscreen on Facebook and decided to give it a try for our Hawaii trip. It’s obviously a little pricey for sunscreen, but I’m willing to pay more for safer products. So far, we like it! What I love most: it goes on SO easy and it tubs in quickly. AND what’s super cool is that the bottle turns blue when it’s in harmful UV light. Pretty cool and super helpful! You can get it at Target…which is awesome in my opinion! I often feel like non-toxic products can be harder to find at normal stores, so I am a fan of this one!

*this post includes affiliate links. I only recommend things I love.

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