Friday Favorites May 10th: Flowers, Breakfast + Glasses

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This week I am comin’ atcha right as I prepare to leave for Hawaii with my family! We are headed there to celebrate my Mom and sister’s birthdays and it will be a blast. As I’ve prepped for this trip all week long, there’s few things I’ve been lovin’!


Baked Oatmeal

We tried to not do too much grocery shopping this week as we prepared to be out of town. So one thing I did was bake some oatmeal to have for breakfast all week! It’s a simple and easy recipe to follow. I’ve throwing this together on a slow morning we have at home or on the weekends. It’s toddler approved too! Recipe here.


Fresh Flowers from the market:

a couple of months ago I started a “Fresh Flower Friday” tradition every week. I love it so much and it’s always something I look forward to. I also LOVE having flowers in the house all week long. They bring me so much joy and brighten my mood SO much. This past week, I skipped “FFF” and waited until our Saturday morning Farmer’s Market to get flowers. Spring is in full swing, so the flowers available are just amazing! I love getting flowers on Friday, but I loved having local blooms in my house this week. So beautiful!


Arnold Palmer’s:

half tea/half of the best drinks! I’ve recently been back in an Arnold Palmer phase. Knox LOVES all types of beverages and since I don’t want him drinking tea or lemonade, I often wait until naptime (around 1pm) to fix my drink. This way I can enjoy it all to myself AND I don’t have to deal with a meltdown when I tell Knox “no” to drinking it. It’s my little “treat” as I start work and settle into the “naptime hustle”. I also suggest getting some stainless steel straws for home if you love straws (like me!). Plastic straws are not good for the environment.


Desk Chair:

speaking of work...I love my new desk chair! We’ve been moving around and shuffling things in our house for what feels like months...but things are finally settled. We turned my old office back into a guest room, and my main office is the garage now. That’s where all the inventory is stored and packaging takes place. When I’m working on things like graphics, writing emails, and other creative work, I like to be inside the house with my laptop. So, we recently purchased a new desk and chairs for me to work at inside the house and I love it! It’s a little corner of the house that is for work, but doesn’t feel cluttered. This chair was such a great price and super easy to assemble! It really finished off the desk “look”! Find the chair here.


Blue light glasses:

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that I spend a lot of time on my computer for work. I bought a new pair of glasses to wear while I work and I love them! Not only are they super cute, but they work! I wear contacts and at the end of the day, my eyes normally hurt a lot and feel very irritated. On the days when I wear these glasses, I don’t experience discomfort at the end of the day! If you work at a computer a lot, I highly suggest wearing these!  

Daily quotes:

If you haven’t been watching my stories, you’ve been missing out! Almost daily I post a quote that I lettered and people are loving it! Most people screenshot it and save it as a background. I’m fine with that, just give credit when due! :) Make sure you tune in to see them! :)

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Happy Friday, friends!

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