Friday Favorites: June 7th

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Another week has come and gone and it’s time to round up all my favorite things this week! How has your week been? This week has flown by for me and part of me loves that but part of me also can’t believe how time flies! It actually feels like Summer now and we plan to slow down a little bit, relax more, and spend more time playing!


Morning Coffee + Nutpods

Alright, y’all. I’m sure if you’re reading this, you have seen me pour my coffee in the morning. I get LOADS of questions about how I make my coffee. And truth be told, it’s quite simple! :) I recently switched to decaf coffee to help with some anxiety. I don’t have severe anxiety but I started to notice how much caffeine was contributing to my anxiety and started to lessen it. I didn’t see a huge notice right away, but the other day I accidentally ordered a full caffeine latte at a coffee shop and was SHOCKED by how much it affected me and my increased anxiety! So, decaf it is! Back to the morning pour. I brew coffee, and then I simply pour some Nutpods creamer (Hazelnut is my favorite!) in our milk frother and viola! I have a perfect foam. Most non-dairy milks and creamers don’t froth well, but Nutpods is amazing! We use this milk frother because it’s what came with our Nespresso machine. You can buy it separately if you’d like. It’s on the pricey side, so there’s also plenty of other milk frothers (like this one) that would work just fine! If you want to try Nutpods, head to their website and use code RACHEL_ALLENE to save 15%!


Silhouette of Knox

One of my coaching clients recently made this silhouette of Knox and I just can’t get over how much I love it! It so perfectly showcases his little face. I never want to forget these little curls and his upper lip like this. He’s such a sweet angel and I know one day he will be big and grown and I don’t want to forget all the sweetness of this age. If you are a mama or you need a gift for a mama, RUN to go get one of these silhouettes! You won’t regret it! She perfectly captured my sweet boy and I will cherish this forever!


Strawberry Plants

We are trying our hand and getting better and better at gardening each year. We had some pest problems this year (read: moles) so our plants didn’t thrive as I had hoped! But, as I saw the moles starting to eat at the roots of the strawberries, I rescued them and moved them to a raised bed box. Now they are thriving, blooming and growing! I am basically just overjoyed by it. It is also super fun to garden with a toddler. He loves to water the plants, pick weeds and pick the strawberries, too!


New Morning Mercies

This book is the daily devotional that I use every morning when I drink my coffee! At times, I don’t get to it every single day, but I try really hard to. This devotional has been my go-to for several years and I am not sick of it at all! It’s jam-packed with truth and it helps me get focused in the right mindset for the day! You can get it here.


Dutch Braid

I have been doing a front dutch braid in my hair for awhile and I keep getting asked to create a tutorial! I learned off some videos on YouTube, so I will link to the one that was the most helpful and then give you some of my tips!

Watch this video from 1:40-2:40.

A few notes: I don’t have hair as long as her, so I only do the front dutch braid for a bun. It doesn’t really work for me to do it half up like she does. I ALWAYS do a braid the day after I’ve washed my hair. I add some dry shampoo (don’t be shy) so it gives the braid texture and it’s not so slippery that the braid falls out. I also just pull the braid back into a bun and use a bobby pin to keep it in place if I need to! It really just takes a lot of practice! I would watch the video over and over and press pause after every movement so I could figure it out! Think of an inside out french braid--that always helped me!

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