Why Being Unique is Good For Business

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As we grow up, all we want is to belong. We want to conform, be liked, and mesh with the crowd. For some reason, we believe that if we look and act like everyone else, we will be important and loved. I fell victim to this mindset for too long. But, as I’ve matured a bit and grown older, I’ve learned that being different and unique is a much more exciting adventure.

And if you’re running a business, then I would like to argue that being true to yourself is your most important asset.

Your story, your voice, and your personality all make up an incredibly unique experience for your customers/clients. When you can tap into (and highlight) the qualities that set you apart from others, you’re able to create a unique business and experience that cannot be matched by anyone else. Meaning, you don’t have much competition. And you’re the perfect fit for your ideal customer!

Here’s what I’ve been learning:

Trying to look like everyone else will not bring me the success I am looking for. It will land me in opportunities that aren’t the right fit for me and leave me frustrated and confused. If I can trudge my own path, I can create a business and write a story that is uniquely mine.

And when I do that, I get to be confident and proud of what I’ve built. I don’t have to look around to see if I am fitting in. I get to stand out.

But, isn’t it scary to stand out?

Yes. Yes it is.

Three reasons why standing out shouldn’t scare you:

  1. Your competition is lower: think about it. If every single wedding planner served the same type of couple, there would be a massive number of couples without a wedding planner. And most wedding planners would be out of a job. So, if you can hone in on the type of business owner you are and the type of client you serve, you’re able to set yourself apart. Being different and having a niche is not a bad thing in business. It works to your advantage and helps you reach your clients. The key here is that you have to communicate WHY you are unique and what makes you important to your ideal clients. We often think that everyone else must notice how we are different and unique. Not so. It’s your job as the CEO of your business to market yourself in a way that showcases your importance, strengths, and what sets you apart.

  2. You have clear direction: when you have a specific and clear skill set that is different than others, you know exactly what to do and where you’re headed. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs struggle with knowing what direction to go because we all like to do #allthethings. But, if you have a unique business model, you don’t have to waste your time trying anything and everything. You just get to do what you’re good at and move forward. Being different from the rest is a good thing! Use it to your advantage!

  3. You get to learn that you’re important: one of my personal struggles in finding the confidence within myself to believe that my voice is important. But, one reason you shouldn’t be afraid of standing out is because it is going to teach you that you ARE important and that people want to hear what you have to say. Confidence is often the gateway to success. If you don’t believe in yourself, how will your client believe in you? You have to know that you’re skills and voice are worthy, important, and valuable!

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I hope that you're able to stop looking around and instead look within to discover your strengths and skills. When you can learn to see your differences as yours strengths, you are just around the corner from finding your success. 

It's easy to look around at everyone else and find reasons why you won't find success. But, sometimes being completely different is what success is built on. Look at all the people who have wild success. They crafted something new. Ground-breaking. Revolutionary. They didn't take something that's already been done. They created something great from within. 

What will you create?