Summer Must-Haves

Summer Must Haves.jpg

It might already feel like Summer for you, but the official first day of Summer doesn’t kick off until June 21st. Can you believe it? That’s 4 days before my birthday. And where I live, we’ve typically hit triple digit temperatures by May 30th, so it feels like Summer way before it officially arrives! Since Summer is typically when we like to travel, take days off work and go to the beach, and stay up late, I figured I’d round up a list of “must-haves” for the season of boat rides, cold Coronas, and ice cold watermelon.

This pin: the perfect addition to backpacks and beach bags!

This tumbler: you gotta make sure you’re hydrated on the hot summer days, and this is bound to help you! It holds 24 ounces of water and will help you stay cool, hydrated, and equipped to take on the summer sunshine. Don’t forget the sun block!

This tee: I mean, need I say more? It’s the perfect cover up for a bathing suit, but it also is bound to put you straight into vacation mode. Piña Coladas on me!

These mugs are bright, cheery, and 100% fun. This style is completely brand new to the Rachel Allene shop and we expect the marble camper mugs to sell quickly! Don't miss out!

Since pool days are in your future, you should definitely be making popsicles at home, so we suggest this handy-dandy tool. 

In addition, why not grab a hat to help shade your beautiful face from the sun? I just got this one and LOVE it!

Whatever you have planned this Summer, we hope it is full of laughter, fun, joy, and excitement! Cheers to the BEST SUMMER EVER! (as we used to write in yearbooks)