What It’s Like Being Married to a Creative Entrepreneur?

What it s like being married to a creative entrepreneur

I talk about my husband a lot, but rarely do I share about him or have him make an appearance in my content. He is a huge part of my life and a major piece of the foundation for Rachel Allene. He has supported me from day one and continues to encourage me, even when I don't feel worthy of continuing on. He is kind and compassionate. He is also very smart and helps me make smart financial decisions and keeps me in check. He's the person who reminds me to save for taxes and every time he reminds me, I roll my eyes. But then when it's time to pay taxes, I want to hug him and tell him how smart he is. At this point, I hope you can see that he's an angel on earth and deserves all the fist bumps for putting up with me. 

I thought it would be fun to have him on the blog and answer some questions about what it's like to be married to me, and more specifically, a creative entrepreneur. We are a unique breed, and it takes a very special type of person to encourage and empower us!

He doesn't love writing, so I asked him questions and he answered. So it's more like an interview, but I hope you'll enjoy it! And by the end of it I'm sure you'll see why I love him so much. 

Without further ado...Joel Heckmann, everyone! *insert applause*

I'd also like to mention that Joel is a foundational piece to the success of Rachel Allene. He has been my number one fan (among many others...hi mom!) and continues to help me make bigger dreams and chase after them. He encourages me when I am frustrated and helps me make wise financial decisions. He is the glue that keeps our family together and the person who pays the bills so the lights will stay on ('cause I can't manage the biz finances AND the family ones :) !)

What do you do for work?

I am a project engineer for a general contractor. We work on commercial construction projects including higher education, health care, and assisted living facilities.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is watching a building come out of the ground. Every day is different and it’s cool to see a project from start to finish. (He oversees the projects, he does not do the actual building)

What is your favorite thing about Rachel’s business?

The mission to empower and encourage women. I like to see her inspire others and the fact that it’s not only about sales; that it’s about encouraging people.

What’s one pain point of being married to a creative entrepreneur?

There are hours outside of business hours where she is thinking about business and it’s hard for her to shut her brain off.

What do you wish Rachel could see that she doesn’t see from being so intimately involved in the business?

I wish she could turn away from the negative and see the positive. I wish she would celebrate the wins more and not see where things didn’t go as expected. I wish she wouldn’t compare herself to others. And I wish she would realize her success more.

What are you proud of?

I am proud of every part of her business, but I am most proud of her voice in her business. And the fact that she’s a go-getter, that she started the business from scratch and self-taught herself a different software and systems. And that she takes risks and is driven.

What’s a big goal you have for her?

A goal I have for her is to have her products in a large brand name store Target or Anthropologie. 

Would you ever work for Rachel?

Yes, part-time, but not full-time :)

What’s the best thing about her business?

It’s flexibility and that it’s a place for Rachel to be creative. And it blesses our family financially to travel and be generous.

What’s the worst thing about her business?

Her desire to do everything herself and not ask for help. (haha...too true.)

If you could give advice to a husband of a new creative entrepreneur, what would you say?

I would say “don’t try to manage your wife or always fix problems when they arise. Be there to encourage, spur her on, hold her when she’s down, and don’t try to tell her how you would do it better. Allow them to be the boss of the business and take risks even if you don’t think it’s the best decision. Trust her and be there for them regardless of success or failure. Be constant in the midst of a business that ebbs and flows.

Couldn't have said it better myself! I am grateful to have a husband who supports me in all that I do. I believe his support (And the support of my family and friends) has been a huge contributor to the growth of my business. When others believe in you, you have a place to soar!

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