7 Mompreneur Tips and Tricks


A couple of weeks ago, I surveyed my audience and asked what types of content were most wanted and most helpful. I was somewhat surprised by how many people were interested in business tips, specifically running a business and being a mom.

As I write this, I am only 6 months into the process and lifestyle of being a Mompreneur, so I am BY NO MEANS an expert, but there are a few things I am currently trying to implement to bring some sense of peace and unity in my life.


Let me first say this: there is no perfect way to do motherhood and entrepreneurship. You have to find what works for YOU and your family. For us, my business is supposed to bless our family, not cause stress. And for me, my role as wife and mama are my most important roles.

That being said, for me, it never works to try and be mama and business owner at the same time. I always feel frazzled and both the baby and the business aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

While I was pregnant, I decided that I would lessen my work hours and spend more time with Knox. This was my personal decision. But, I knew I would need help. So, I planned to have help for about 5-7 hours a week, and then I would work during naptime. As most mamas know, naptime isn’t always consistent or reliable. So, having scheduled time that I KNOW can be dedicated to work is very helpful. It also helps me to not be stressed when naptime doesn’t go well, because I know I have those hours to work during the week.

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These are 7 things I do to help create some sense of peace within my heart and mind during the work week.

  1. Block scheduling: when it is time to get to work, I have a whole list that I planned on the weekend. I head to my desk and see what needs to get done that day. Then I block out a certain amount of time for each task. I am VERY easily distracted, so this is really important for me. If I don’t do this, I am clicking from inbox to Facebook to a blog post I’m writing to packaging orders. And then nothing gets completed. So, doing one thing at a time is very helpful!

  2. Planning the week in advance: every Sunday I take about 30 minutes to plan out the work week. I look at what appointments I have, what big work tasks I need to get done, when I will workout, what we will eat for dinner, etc. I plan out what tasks will be done on which day and create a plan for the whole week. I never stick to this plan 100%, but it’s an incredible guide and helps me dive straight into work when it’s work hours.

  3. Letting go of certain tasks: shortly before my little one was born, I hired a virtual assistant. I know you’ve heard me sing her praises before, but Caitlyn is the best. It’s been so helpful to have her take over social media scheduling, blog scheduling, admin tasks and more! She’s the best. I’ve also learned to really hone in one what I want to do/offer and not do anything outside of that. I need to focus on what works for my business, and that’s it. Letting go of things and saying “no” is hard but so freeing!

  4. Meal prep: on the weekends we plan out our meals and do the grocery shopping and meal prep for the week. This allows me to work later into the evening (once my husband is home) if I need to, but also know that dinner will be able to be thrown together quickly because the prep was done!

  5. Social media boundaries: When I am ready to sit down and work, I don’t want to spend that time scrolling. I know that being present will help grow my business, but sometimes it ends up on the back burner. I am focusing more on my Instagram stories  lately because I know that more people are watching those versus scrolling.

  6. No screen time after 9pm: my husband and I really want to implement less screen time in our lives. So, after 9pm we put our phones away. This helps me be a better wife and mom because I am not ending the day feeling like a failure from comparison. In addition, we are watching a lot less TV. After Knox goes to bed, we typically read instead of watching TV and it’s so nice. If you want any book suggestions, try these.

  7. Don’t wake up with your phone: I try not to look at my phone right when I wake up. This starts my day feeling stressed and behind. I live on the West coast, so by the time I wake up, I have lots of notifications. I try to not look at those right away. I also have turned off most of my notifications, so that helps!

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*I work on the weekends sometimes when it’s necessary. This is what works for us right now. It won’t be like this forever, so that’s why it works right now.

If you’re looking for a way to plan out your week, feel free to snag my “week at a glance” download! Download below!