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It's almost Valentine's Day! Can I be honest for a minute? Valentine’s Day is not my most favorite holiday. I just have never gotten that into it or expected much from my husband. But! One there is one reason I like celebrating Valentine’s Day. Words of affirmation is one of the ways I show love to others, so I love that Valentine’s day is a time we can trade cards with our friends! I love encouraging others and handwritten notes might just be my favorite medium for this.

And since I am such a bug fan of encouraging and empowering other women, I thought I would share some free little Valentine’s cards that you can print out. There are four designs on the printable and you can print out as many as you’d like. I would just ask that you make sure you use the cards to encourage and love on another human being.

Take time to write meaningful notes to loved ones, friends, strangers, your gym pal, your co-worker, or the person you see on the bus every day.


What if we took the time to show love to more people this Valentine’s Day?

I think it could go a long way.

So! Download your sheet of Valentine’s Day cards and start writing love notes to all the special people in your life!

And also snap a photo of yourself and your love notes for a chance to be featured on my Instagram page! It’s gonna be a Valentine’s Day Virtual Party!

Snag those cards below, darling.


Download your Valentine's Day cards, boo!

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