Private Coaching Call | Why They're Important

Since being in business, I have learned the incredible importance and value of investing in a coaching call from experienced entrepreneurs! I am verbal processor, so it is always helpful for me to process ideas with someone else in order to achieve my goals and make things happen. In addition, I believe it is helpful for business owners (from all levels of expertise) to have a "cheerleader" or someone who is able to encourage them in the scary and exciting moments of business. Coaching is something that can build community, help businesses grow, and encourage individuals to make change and progress in their lives and business (for the better!)

All of the reasons above, in addition to my love for connecting with others, is why I am so passionate about offering coaching sessions. I receive frequent emails from brand new entrepreneurs about starting a business and what advice I can offer. And although I feel honored that they would request my advice, it always feels a little too impersonal for me. I don't know them, I don't know their dreams, I don't know what they're passionate about, and I don't ever hear if my advice was helpful for helped transform their lives.


I am also a very relational person and they way I fill my tank is through having meaningful conversations with others. I love nothing more than hearing about the true, honest, raw emotions that are behind your beautiful face. I want to encourage you, tell you what you're good at, and help you grow your business. I want to see you flourish!

I am offering one-on-one coaching calls for the creative, joyful, and inspired dreamer who wants to make things happen in her business. I am here to help you turn your skill and talent into something marketable, profitable, and heartfelt. Specifically, I want to talk to you about leveraging your strengths to build a heartfelt, honest presence online. In our society, people are craving honesty. People want to hear about your life, your struggles, your shortcomings. It makes you more relatable and it makes them feel welcome, because they aren't perfect either.

If you're up for it, I would love to sit on the phone with you and coach you in order to take your business from a dream to a profitable, heartfelt business! Let's talk about Instagram, or digitizing your lettering, or how to communicate honestly on various online platforms. Let's get down to business, girl!

So, what does a coaching call with Rachel Allene entail? During our coaching call we will talk about exactly what you to talk about. We can brainstorm multiple ideas, we can talk about one specific struggle, we can create a marketing plan. It's customizable by your needs, but I also have (top secret!) advice that I will share with everyone! Before our coaching call I will send you a personalized questionnaire so I can get to know you better, while also learning more about what you want to talk about during our call, and your business. I will then prepare some ideas and notes leading up to our conversation. During our conversation, I will continue to take notes and gather actionable steps for you to take.

After our call, I will send you the actionable steps that I have created for you with all the notes from our call. And then depending on the package you select, we will go over these in our follow up call. 

The good news? Coaching calls are at a discounted rate right now! You have until February 16th, at 5pm PST to book your call to receive this rate! After that, rates will go up and not come down again! Act now!  

If you would like to see a detailed description of the coaching calls and discounted rates, click here!

I wish I had this opportunity when I was starting out. I wish I had someone to talk to when I had an idea or a problem. 

I wish I could have brainstormed with someone who had experience. 

I wish I would have made the sacrifice to invest in coaching. 

It would have save me time. And money. And heart ache. 

Don't do what I did; invest in YOU. Invest in YOUR business. Book a session now!

Rachel Allene