Using the Five Love Languages to Love and Serve Your Clients

Have you heard of the Five Love Languages? If you haven’t, you need to do some light reading real quick (by clicking that link) and learn what they are. This information has the potential to transform all the relationships in your life. You will learn how to show love to your parents, children, spouse, and friends.

We all give and receive love differently. And if you are not aware how your loved ones receive love, you could be showering them with all sorts of love that they won’t actually receive. They will technically “receive” it, but it will not speak to them in the way you intended. Understanding the Love Languages will help you overcome these hardships.

Let’s do a quick overview of the Five Love Languages:

  1. Touch: hugging, touching your back while you are in conversation, cuddling, etc.
  2. Quality time: specific time set aside for deep, meaningful conversations. Not sitting on the couch watching TV.
  3. Gifts: receiving gifts show deep affection
  4. Acts of Service: cleaning the kitchen, doing chores for someone, accomplishing tasks.
  5. Words of Encouragement: telling the other person what you love about them and why, telling them they are doing a good job, reminding them of their worth.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that we all have receiving AND giving love languages. Sometimes they are the same, but sometimes they aren’t. For example, the way I give love is through words of encouragement and gifts. But, the way I receive love is quality time and words of encouragement.

Knowing these things about yourself will allow you to be even more kind and loving in all relationships.

Don’t know how you give and receive love? Take the assessment here.

And if you really want to dig in, I suggest purchasing the book. I know that it has transformed marriages and relationships. And no, this is not a sponsored post. I just really believe in the Love Languages!

So, do you want to know how you can use this powerful information to love and serve your clients while also growing your biz? Let’s dive in!

Using the Five Love Languages to Serve and Love Your Clients:

  1. Using "Touch" to love your clients:
    1. Using touch in your business is something that might not be intuitive, especially if you run an online business. So, how can you create the illusion of touch through your services?


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