Round up of FREE Business Resources

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This past year, I really focused on regular blogging. It was one of my goals and for the most part, I consistently blogged twice a week. For me, that’s a huge undertaking! My blog posts aren’t about weekend recaps or what leggings I like to wear (come to think of it--maybe I SHOULD switch to a mom blog...jkjk), so the content can often take more time for me. That’s not to say the aforementioned content isn’t hard; I know it would personally be easier for me to blog daily about my life versus business education. Ya feel me?


I blogged twice a week about business education and provided content to help heartfelt business owners and product shop owners create profitable and sustainable businesses.

It was quite fun, actually.

I believe I was created to help others and spur them onto chase their dreams, so it was something I found great joy in.

Throughout the year, I offered free mini e-books about various topics like “How to Kickstart Your Email Marketing” to “How to Write A Shop Listing.”

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And if you’re new here, I thought it might be easier to have all the best-rated resources in one place, rather than searching and clicking through the entire blog. Sound good?

I’ll give a little recap of each blog post below, link the full blog post (just in case you want to take a deep dive), and a link to sign up for the free resource. Let’s starting learning together, friend!

  1. Five Tips for Styling Instagram Photos: this post was inspired by SO many people asking for advice about how I style my grid, how I grew my audience, and how to style products. 

  2. 5 Ways to Kickstart Your Email Marketing: email marketing is SO important these days, especially with all the changes in Instagram and Facebook. If one of your goals for 2018 is to start or grow your email list, this is the post for you!

  3. How to Find Your Ideal Client: Finding and attracting your ideal client is VITAL for growing and running a successful business. Do you know who you're talking to? This post (and freebie) with help SO much with this.

  4. Marketing Strategy for the Creative Entrepreneur: this is BY FAR one of my favorite freebies I created in 2017. I love Marketing and this download is full of tips and tricks for the creative entrepreneur!

  5. Five Ways to Easily Improve Your Online Business: running an online business is HARD. And sometimes we feel stuck. This post will help you brainstorm ways to improve what you're already doing and see results!

  6. Writing a Mission Statement that Converts: one of the first things people do when they come across a website is click to the "about" page. Do you have a mission statement that grabs your ideal client and makes her feel like your BFF? Find out in this post. 

  7. My Top Ten Tips for New Business Owners: I get a lot of emails and messages about starting a business. Instead of spending hours and hours writing replies, I wrote this post. It's all my best tips for the new business owner. 

  8. Networking Tips for Online Business Owners: networking is one of the BEST things I have done to grow my business. Feeling stuck or unsure how to do this? Read this post. 

  9. Six Mistakes Product Shop Owners are Making with Instagram: running an Instagram feed for a product shop is a unique challenge and there are several mistakes I see a lot. Are you making one of these mistakes?

  10. Online Product Shop Checklist: if you run an online product shop (or want to!), this is the post for you!

And let’s not forget my two FREE e-courses! #theheartfeltgrid is a 5-day Instagram challenge designed to help you curate and run a heartfelt Instagram feed that connects you with your audience and ideal clients.

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The Product Shop Gurus Challenge is a 5-day course that helps existing or wanna be product shop owners create and run a systemized, organized, and profitable online product shop.

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