My First Business Endeavor that Failed

If you ask anyone in my family, they aren’t surprised that I started my own business. As a kid, I spent my free time playing office, doctor, grocery store, hair salon, hotel concierge, etc. I preferred strolling the aisles of an office supply store instead of Toys-R-Us. I loved organizing and re-organizing my room and office supplies. I collected old telephones, pens, and keyboards. I was told from a young age that I was a little entrepreneur with a future of managing and owning a bakery or a flower shop. Hearing those words, I never really thought I would actually start a business. To be honest, I didn’t really think too much about the future. It always seemed too daunting, so I might as well ignore its existence. Ignorance is bliss, my friends. 

Having confidence in yourself is some of the hardest confidence to come by, and I was lacking it for awhile. Even these days, I think there are some days where my husband, parents, and friends have more confidence in me than I do. Yet, one day when I was 9 years old, I found enough confidence to start my own business. I thought I had the greatest idea ever. 

My oldest sister had recently gone to New York City with our grandma and came back with a plethora of bags from stores I had never heard of! Places like Tiffany’s, Sephora, and Forever 21. Don’t worry, I am well educated on shopping now! Not only do I know about those stores, I have visited them all. I digress. After her return with these bags, I recognized a need for storing these bags. But, of course! Even better: I had a second closet in my room, so I promptly cleaned it out, typed up a menu of prices for clients, and began storing bags. It was a huge success! For one day. My prices were too low (5 cents, per bag, per year), small target market, and little to no business plan. This business eventually morphed into a gift wrapping company, which had the same fate as it’s former identity. I think between the two businesses, I had 3 paying clients: My mom, and both grandmas. I told you, the family has always been my confidence boosters!

All this to say, we all started somewhere. We all have our beginning. And sometimes the first attempts fail. But that’s okay! We get to try again. And again, if we need to. Failure doesn’t define us; it shapes us. 

Looking back on my days as a bag storage company, I never would have thought that I would own my own business. I never would have thought that I would own an online shop and ship products all over North America. Or that I would educate entrepreneurs and coach others to run heartfelt businesses. It’s surreal! Sometimes it feels like I am living a dream. However, most days, it just feels overwhelming. When I take time to think about my 9 year-old self, I realize that I had a fire within me then. I had drive and excitement. I had confidence that I had something to offer to help others. So, on the days when I wonder where this business will go and how I’ll achieve the goals I have set, I’ll think about my empty closet waiting to be filled with Nordstrom bags and give myself a pat on the back. ‘Cause I’m making waves and chasing my dreams. Are you?