How to Use Your Personality to Grow Your Business

I’ve got a superpower. It’s not something that many would consider a superpower, but for me, it’s been extremely helpful in the growth of my business. If you ask anyone in my family about how observant I am, they would tell you that I know where everything is at all times. The joke when I was growing up was how I could find anything. Lost your wallet? Ask Skip (my childhood nickname). Don’t know where your keys are? I bet Skip knows. To this day, whenever someone can’t find something, they still come to me first and ask me if I’ve seen it.

I remember a few weeks ago, I was at my parents house and I noticed my mom’s water bottle outside in a place I knew she wouldn’t remember. So, I took note of that in my mind: “mom’s water bottle is on the deck, she will look for it later, remember where it is.” And you sure enough, about 10 minutes later, mom walks outside and says “anyone know where my water bottle is?” Yep.

There are a few things we can learn through this story. The first is that whenever I walk into a room, I am ultra aware of where things are. I take note of the objects that surround me. This is not something I was trained to do, it’s just natural for me. And then, I often notice items that are in places that most people wouldn’t notice. For example: the water bottle. Not only did I observe the water bottle, I also took note that it was in a place that my mom wouldn’t think to look.

This is why they say I know where everything is.

Each person was made with a unique personality and a unique set of God-given skills and talents. I was not born with the ability to do brush calligraphy, this was a learned skill. I didn’t learn to be observant, this is a natural skill. I wasn’t born with the skills to adjust aperture and shutter speed on a camera to get good lighting. I learned how to do that. But, I was born with a natural eye for a good picture. Do you see where I am going with this? We ALL have natural skills that can and should be used to leverage and grow our business. We’ve all got a super power, are you using it?

So how have I used my super power to grow my business?

Countless ways. But I’ll pick three.

(Editor’s Note: In the middle of writing this blog post my husband just walked in the room and said he didn’t know where his phone was. I knew it was under a pillow on the couch. I can’t make this stuff up, folks!)

How my observant personality helped grow my business:

  1. I study and observe how others launch products and services. Before starting my business, I had no idea that offering a free challenge was a way to grow an email list. After being in business for about a year, I started to notice that entrepreneurs that I admired were “launching” products and services. I then started to notice how they used their emails, blogging, and Instagram posts to support their launch. If you want to learn more about launch strategy, you can get all my secrets here.

  2. I observe other websites. When I know of an entrepreneur who just sold out of a product or filled a course overnight, I immediately look at their sales page. I look at the language they used, the format, how they made me feel as I scrolled through the sales page, and what imagery they used to persuade. This has helped me learn about copywriting, the art of persuasion, and how to sell products and services. At the start of my business, I didn’t have the funds to invest in a lot of courses, so I leveraged my ability to observe to learn by watching others succeed.

  3. This skill has also allowed me to network with heartfelt intentions. Not only am I observant, but I am also intuitive. This has allowed me to notice other people and their struggles, and follow up with encouragement. As you might know, here at Rachel Allene, we are focused on empowering and encouraging others with our gifts and creativity. My ability to see others and observe their hardships has allowed me to meet and connect with incredible business owners. Want to learn more about how to use networking to grow your business? Download my guide below!

Now you might be reading this and thinking “wow Rach, you sure do know how to toot your own horn.” And I would like to say that I hope you don’t walk away from reading this with those feelings. My hope is to show you that there are things about your personality that set you apart from others. Maybe you aren’t observant, but maybe you’re really going at persuasion (sales). Or maybe you’re really good at remembering people’s names. This is a very valuable skill when running a business!

Action Step: take a good look at your personality and find characteristics that you can use to grow your business. I never thought that being observant would help my business, but it has proved to be incredibly helpful!

Now tell me in the comments about your super power!