Finding a Style In Home Ownership | and why Framebridge rules

We bought a house in this past September,

and it was one of the most unexpected, exciting, and stressful experiences in my life. We aren't the best planners, so when we get an idea in our heads, we pretty much just dive in head first. I don't love to be patient, so once we decided we might want to start house hunting, I was already packing the boxes. 

But, I learned a lot through the entire experience and I am so grateful that we bought this house! God was so faithful to us in providing the perfect house at the perfect time and we couldn't be more happy!

One of my favorite aspects of home-ownership is home projects. It 's also one of the hardest parts of home-ownership, 


I have loved looking for items to add to the house and figuring out what type of style we have. 

Deciding on our style has definitely been hard too! 

I know, #firstworldproblems.

But, alas here we are: talking about my house style and what I am loving lately. 

They first time I saw Framebridge products, I knew RIGHT away that they would be the perfect addition to our new house and would definitely fit the style we are still trying to figure out. 

They have frames in all different sizes and colors and the options can potentially be overwhelming. The great (and easy) thing about Framebridge is that all I had to do was upload my images and pick a frame. They professionally frame the images for you and send them right to your doorstep! 

Now, when I say "professionally" I mean this:

They are beautiful.

They are extremely high-quality. 

The images are framed permanently (aka: no cheap Ikea metal pieces used to secure your frame).

No matter how big the image is, the quality is amazing. 

The matting is thick and gorgeous and customizable. 

Do I need to say more?

If you love decorating your office, home, apartment, and/or living space, you should definitely consider using Framebridge. Their service was incredibly easy-to-use, professional, and quick! I was so surprised to find the frames on my porch about a week after I placed the order. That's incredible service!

Their customer service was also incredibly helpful and is always willing to help you out. 

If you aren't convinced yet, let me know. Because I will stomp on over to your house and convince you in person. 

Sound good?

If I were to place another order, I would definitely consider this one, this one, oh and I adore this one! Alright, one more. 

The frames pictured above are in this frame

You can save on your first purchase!

Use code rachela15 to receive 15% off your first order. Holla. Go shop now, boo!