Five Ways to Maximize Profits for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


If you’re a business owner, you should be planning to hold a sale for Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday. If you’re a shop owner, you’re nodding your head in agreement because you know that a large portion of your profits for the entire year are generated during the Holiday season.

But if you’re a photographer, event planner, graphic designer, florist, hair stylist, or a business coach, YOU CAN SEE BIG RESULTS TOO.

Because you’re an entrepreneur, you are selling something. And if you sell something, you should be utilizing Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Trust me.

People are planning to spend money on these days. It’s kinda like a holiday in the United States and their wallets are open and they are looking for a good sale. This is your time to shine, folks! You don’t have to convince someone to shop, you don’t have to encourage them to open their wallet. It’s already open. They’re already ready to spend. But. You have to grab their attention. Every single other business is screaming for their attention. How will you stand apart to grab their attention?

Five Ways to Maximize Profits for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Have a plan: decide on what type of sale you want to have. Discount off? Free shipping? Free gift? BOGO? Decide now and get your shop ready. This means creating coupon codes and making sure all the inventory is listed correctly in your shop.

Stand out: Your marketing and ads need to stop people in their tracks. Take time to create graphics for your emails, FB posts, Instagram, etc. If you’re looking for high-quality images for advertisements, I suggest the SC Stockshop. If you don’t own Adobe products like Illustrator, you can use Canva to design your images. It’s free to get started!

Create a social strategy: When you want to have success with a sale, you need to go into it with strategy. If you want to see the most success, you should be utilizing all social media platforms that you currently use. Then, create specific posts and graphics for each platform. Plan out the days and times that everything needs to be scheduled and get to planning! I will breakdown what this looks like for me:

  • First I write all the content for my emails, then I write the content for my FB posts, Instagram posts, and for my FB groups.

  • Then I create all the graphics. For the most part, I can use the same graphics across all the platforms. However, I create graphics specific for Instagram stories.

  • Then, plan it all out. I have different emails go to different people (depending on their interests and tags I have in ConvertKit), I plan out different posts for different Facebook groups, I plan out what my Instagram posts and stories will say. I write all of this in a big Google document.

  • The next step is scheduling it all. For me, I pass this onto my assistant. I send her the google doc with all the content and days/times to post and the graphics. From there, she can schedule all the emails and posts. If you don’t have an assistant, the scheduling is the quickest part. But right now, I try to pass as much as I can to Caitlyn (she’s the best!)

Have steep discount for a VERY limited time: If you really want to get attention and maximize your profits, offer a big ‘ol discount for free gift for a very limited time. This makes people feel the urgency. One more thing you can do is create a sense of scarcity. When people know that there isn’t a lot of something available, they are quicker to make the purchase. For example, whenever I say “I only have five more of these travel mugs!” in my Instagram story, they sell very quickly! How can you create scarcity with your product or service? Perhaps you offer a very large discount for the first five orders? Or perhaps you’re selling a course at 40% off but only for the first hour. Play around with it and see what happens!

Create urgency: We touched on this briefly in the previous step. When creating your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you want to make sure that you create urgency. Make it so the sale price is only available for a limited time. I’ll let you in on my secrets: I have different sales for each day, and the sale/discount/gift only lasts for that day. So, if people want to take advantage of it, they don’t have a lot of time.

The great thing about Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that this sense of urgency is already built into our culture. People expect sales to end quickly and products to be scarce, so they are ready to pounce, purchase and pay! How will you tap into this?

If you have any questions, just comment below and I will be happy to answer!

Best of luck with your sales! You got this.

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