A Few of My Favorite Things


Sometimes when I sit down to write a blog post, I stare a blank document for a good 10 minutes before I start to create any semblance of content. I start typing, backspace. I start again. But nope, that doesn’t sound right. The struggle is real, friends. So, as I sit here trying to create content, I decided to just give you a good ‘ol list of some of my favorite things right now. Not only is this a fun list, this list helps me step out of my “I’m not doing good enough at work today” and look at all the things I am thankful for. These things may seem silly, but it’s the small things that fill and enrich our lives. So, without further ado, here is some of my favorite things right now!

  1. Podcasts. Oh boy, I love them! My family rolls their eyes every time I start a sentence with “I was listening to a podcast and I heard…” They are a little tired of my talking about everything I listen to, but I am not tired of listening to podcasts, so maybe they'll just join the bandwagon soon. My favorites are This American Life, Off the Vine, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, and Criminal. 
  2. La Croix water. When you're pregnant you think you can't drink for nine months. But then there's breastfeeding. Maybe I'm the only mama who hasn't figured out how to drink and breastfeed. But until I figure it out, I'll just be sitting over here sipping my coconut La Croix.  
  3. Warby Parker Glasses. I started wearing contacts in high school and never looked back. Until I got severe eye issues attributed to “contact overuse.” What? Did you even know that existed? Since then, I have been on the hunt for good glasses that I would actually want to wear. And I found them! Warby Parker glasses are stylish, comfortable, and they support a good cause! For every pair of glasses purchased, they donate a pair to someone in need of eyeglasses. So cool. In addition, you can try on five pairs for free before deciding what glasses you want. Double win! 
  4. Dandy blend. Speaking of breast feeding: I've had to eliminate a lot of things from my diet for Knox, one of them being caffeine. So, I've been drinking this every morning as a coffee replacement and I love it! Have you tried it? 
  5. Reading. I had a goal to read at least 12 novels this year. Some of my favorites have been Big Little Lies, Since We Fell, The Husband's Secret, and Just Mercy. 
  6. Smoothies. I have been starting the mornings with smoothies and they leave me feeling satiated and ready to take on the day. My smoothies mainly contain veggies (90%), with a little bit of fruit (10%), but I add a little protein powder and it makes it taste delicious! My husband disagrees, but whatever. I am the one drinking it, so that’s what matters, right?
  7. Morning walks with Knox. I love having this morning routine with him. We live close to a beautiful park, so we go there daily. Knox usually falls asleep and I get to catch up on my podcasts, so win win!
  8. Chacos. Have you heard of these shoes? I have had the same pair for about 5 years and they are some of the best. They are versatile, comfortable, and outdoorsy. Now that I have a baby, I am always looking for easier ways to eat, shower, exercise, and put shoes on. Chacos makes it easy to put shoes on while I'm carrying Knox or the carseat. 
  9. Avocados. These babies are chock full of good, healthy fats! I eat almost one full avocado a day and I have no shame. They are delicious, filling, and packed with nutrients! I eat them with eggs, as a snack sprinkled with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, or on rice cakes. 
  10. The Amazing Race. The TV show. Have you heard of it? I used to watch this in high school and now there are TWENTY SEVEN seasons on Hulu plus, so yeah #bingeworthy. I think my husband should go on the show with one of his friends. I would be terrible at it. I hate flying. 

Well, there you have it! So what you loving right now? What are your top five? Tell me what I need to know about!

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