Five Tips for Styling Instagram Photos

We all love to scroll through our Instagram feeds and double tap the images of cute puppies, colorful macaroons, gorgeous floral arrangements, latte art, and candid photos of our friends. We enjoy sneak peeks into the lives of others, whether it be our best friend or favorite celebrity. As a creative entrepreneur, Instagram is a large part of my business and allows me to connect with an audience from all over the world. I hope that my Instagram feed provides encouragement, honesty, and beauty into the lives of my followers and friends.

I receive emails and messages pretty often asking for advice about styling photos and how I achieved success on my Instagram account. 

There are several elements to the answer to this question, but one thing I always tell people is that it takes time and commitment. I have to think ahead and plan for my Instagram posts. I don't just throw a post up because it's my ideal time to post and I need to post something. I think it through, plan ahead, and make sure I take an image that fits my brand and the aesthetic of my Instagram feed. 

If you are willing to make that commitment and put time and effort into styling photos for your feed, then you are in the right place! 

I have created some "rules" for myself when I go about styling an image for Instagram. They are easy to follow, simple, and achievable even for the non-photographer! The tips are:

  1. Take the photos with the most natural light.
  2. Utilize your blank space. 

  3. Use fresh flowers or fresh greenery in the photos.

  4. Start small. 

  5. Edit the photo.

Does this seem a little confusing? Yeah, I thought so. 

That's why I created a big 'ol FREE download and guide with detailed instructions and information about styling for Instagram. 

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