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Four Tips for Creating A Gallery Wall

One of my favorite things to do right after moving into a new space was design and hang the gallery wall. We typically would have one gallery wall in the biggest living room space and then also have one in our bedroom. Shortly before we bought our house we lived in an apartment for 8 months, where I had an office. So, I was also able to create a gallery wall of quotes in my office.

Every single time I post a picture of any of our gallery walls, I get an influx of questions about how to do it and questions about where I get my frames and prints.

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Five Tips for Styling Instagram Photos

We all love to scroll through our Instagram feeds and double tap the images of cute puppies, colorful macaroons, gorgeous floral arrangements, latte art, and candid photos of our friends. We enjoy sneak peeks into the lives of others, whether it be our best friend or favorite celebrity. As a creative entrepreneur, Instagram is a large part of my business and allows me to connect with an audience from all over the world. I hope that my Instagram feed provides encouragement, honesty, and beauty into the lives of my followers and friends. I thought it would be a fun and useful resource to offer Five Tips for Styling Instagram Photos. Let’s dive right in!

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