The Heartfelt Grid Guidebook

The Heartfelt Grid Guidebook


The Heartfelt Grid Guidebook was created for business owners who want more. They want to run a business with heart and authenticity and they don't want to hide behind their fears. 

This guide will give you access to

  • how to find your ideal client,

  • my tried and true instagram secrets,

  • a quick guide to easy and engaging instagram captions,

  • how to grow your audience overnight,

  • how to unlock the magic of instagram stories,

  • 5 ways (and 7 reasons why!) to start and hashtag movement,

  • how to beat the Instagram algorithm.  

  • And how to implement #theheartfeltgrid principles into your business marketing.

We are calling this “The Heartfelt Grid Guidebook.” This guide includes all the content stated above and in total is worth, $397, but we are offering it to you for WAY less! The sale price only lasts for 72 hours and will go to full price on Monday, October 23rd at 8pm EST. 

Are you ready to start making waves and growing a business that means more than a paycheck? Are you ready to start connecting with your audience on a heart level? Are you ready to start making more sales as a result of growing an audience that cares about you, not just your product or services?

If you said "YES!", then you're exactly where you're supposed to be.

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