Women with Purpose | Interview with Nevica Vasquez

I am so excited to continue with the new blog series for the Rachel Allene blog! This past year, I have learned so much about growing a business, building a brand, increasing online sales, growing a mailing list, etc. through the influence and expertise of other highly creative and talented women. They have encouraged me, inspired me, and taught me to be fearless in my pursuits. They run their businesses with intention, purpose, and with a heart to give back. I am excited to start sharing some interviews with these women. They will offer insight, real talk, and actionable steps for growing a successful and profitable business (while making a difference!)

Today's interview is with Nevica Vasquez. Nevica is full of heart, kindness, and strategy. I hope you enjoy my interview with Nevica, a business strategist to digital bosses who want to scale their businesses. She has awesome insight and I believe you can definitely learn from her!

1. How long have you been in business?

February was my one year anniversary of being full-time!

2. Describe your business and brand

Hey Friends! I'm Nevica, Business Strategist to Digital Bosses who want to scale their online biz. The digital bosses I work with are past the beginner stage of their business and ready to assess, and strategize their plan for new growth. Together we create the online biz + marketing plan they need to get to the next level of their business.

3. What is the biggest struggle you face with your business?

For me the biggest struggle I've had in my business is perfectionism, which I've found is rooted in fear. I hold back on creating or launching new programs, products, services, or collaborations because I want to wait until they are absolutely perfect. I do think I'm a recovering perfectionist now. But before, I wouldn't launch anything for fear of it not being good enough and ruining my reputation as a business owner.

4. How do you overcome these struggles?

I think it's all about mindset and discipline. I've been really training my mind to recognize that if something I do isn't perfect, it won't be the end of me. While also being real with myself and knowing that the only way my business is going to get to the level I want it to be at is by, taking risks, creating, and releasing! The discipline comes in when it's time to actually hit send or publish! I have to use my discipline to think less and JUST DO IT!

5. What is a big dream you have for your business?

To have a retreat. I love being outside, biking, playing basketball, going on adventures! So I'd love to create a space where business can meet those things. And take creatives with me! Stay tuned :)

6. What is your best advice for brand new business owners?

Start now. start now. start now. Whatever that big idea you have is why aren't you doing it now? What are you waiting for? Trust me your dreams can come true WAY faster than you think. So stop thinking and take the steps to start it today. Imagine in a year how happy you will be that you didn't wait!

7. How do you recharge? What do you love doing outside of work?

I love riding bike! To me it's like meditation, it really clears my head. Because I love laughing, I'm addicted to the show "Big Bang Theory" Sheldon always knows how to take my mind off of work! Movies and basketball games are also a guilty pleasure. All of these things really take me out of "work mode" bring me peace.

8. How do you ditch the hustle and embrace grace?

Whew this is a hard question. To be honest I'm still really learning how to do this. I'm learning how to put myself before my business + take care of myself. I'm learning how to make time for friends and family. It's really been a learning process in this first year of business that I hope to get better at in year 2! One thing I can say though is to realllly think about what you are saying YES to. Make sure it's worth your time, worth time away from your family. Really have a strong filter for the opportunities that come your way!

9. What's your best productivity tip?

Schedule EVERYTHING! The only way things get done is if they have a set date + time to get done. If it's not scheduled it's not real. So force yourself to put it on a calendar if you want it to get done.

10. To you, what does it mean to run a heartfelt business?

A heartfelt business to me is putting people first. No matter what kind of business you have, at the end of the day a real human is giving you money for something you offer. As business owners I believe we have a responsibility to making the lives of our customer better. Whether that's by delivering exactly what they asked for, sending a thank you their way, or going above and beyond.

11. What's your biggest pet peeve?

When people think having a business is a walk in the park. Having a business is SO MUCH WORK. It can quite possibly be one of the hardest things you can ever do. So I give so much credit and praise to people who are doing it well! Hug a business owner if you know one, they need it!

12. What's your go-to celebration when something big happens with your business?

A nice dinner + vegan ice cream! I rarely go out to eat, so I always celebrate big moments with great food!

Nevica Vazquez is a Business Strategist to Digital Bosses who want to scale their online biz. The bosses she works with are past the beginner stage of their business and ready to assess and strategize their plan for new growth. Alongside her clients she creates the online biz + marketing plan they need to get to their next level of business.