Women with Purpose | Interview with Megan Martin

I am so excited to continue with the new blog series for the Rachel Allene blog! This past year, I have learned so much about growing a business, building a brand, increasing online sales, growing a mailing list, etc. through the influence and expertise of other highly creative and talented women. They have encouraged me, inspired me, and taught me to be fearless in my pursuits. They run their businesses with intention, purpose, and with a heart to give back. I am excited to start sharing some interviews with these women. They will offer insight, real talk, and actionable steps for growing a successful and profitable business (while making a difference!)

Today's interview is with one of my Insta-friends, Megan Martin. Megan is a bright light of honesty, grace, and fun. The second I found her on Instagram, I knew that I wanted her presence in my life. she brings joy wherever she is and she is a heart-encourager. 

I hope you enjoy my interview with Megan Martin, the creative force Megan Martin Creative, a creative studio and lifestyle brand.

1. How long have you been in business?

6 years!

2. Describe your business and brand

I am a brand strategist and blogger at Megan Martin Creative, a creative studio and lifestyle brand producing relevant content, resources, and education for creative entrepreneurs and inspiration for intentional living. I am on a mission to encourage and equip creative women with tools and community to do business well after serving over 5 years as a wedding planner and brand designer. When I'm not running this business, traveling to conferences or flipping homes with my family, you can find me living out my biggest dream of a joyful life with my husband, Jeremy, and two little girls, Kennedy and Esley!

3. What is the biggest struggle you face with your business?

I struggle big time on where to draw the line in my business. I have big dreams! But I have a bigger heart to be a stay at home mom and pour into my kids, so there is definitely tension to not be able to act on ALL my ideas when I want to. Currently, my biggest struggle within this is also choosing what idea to act on first. What will serve my audience where they are now? What idea will flow best into the next? These are questions I am constantly analyzing and grappling with!

4. How do you overcome these struggles?

In 2016 I made a big shift in building community around my brand. I started a mastermind group with a handful of gals in a similar stage of business as myself and I traveled quite a lot to attend various conferences. These efforts to grow relationships has done wonders for my struggles. The women that have become my net of support have been the biggest blessings for me to navigate my biggest pain points as well as this entrepreneurial journey in general!

5. What is a big dream you have for your business?

I told you I have a lot of these ha! But if I had to choose one, it would be creating an in-person educational event for creatives! One day ;)

6. What is your best advice for brand new business owners?

My best advice is to NOT jump on social media as soon as you decide to start a business. Sounds crazy I KNOW! But I see so many gals just jump online and start sharing anything they can think of with no real foundation and strategy. Then they get so discouraged when people aren't buying what they want to offer! Sweet friend, put the phone down. ;) Go back to the basics. Spend a lot more time diving into your business mission, defining your ideal client down to a T, researching where that client is, and invest your time in building a powerful brand than trying to perfect the prettiest Instagram post. While it may not be as glamorous right now, it will pay off exponentially as you grow in your business journey!

7. How do you recharge? What do you love doing outside of work?

I like to keep things simple, slow and sweet outside of work! My favorite things are playing with our girls, finding little adventures to go on, filling our home with friends and spending time with family!

8. How do you ditch the hustle and embrace grace?

This is really a daily decision. Even down to an hourly decision in some seasons! In my world, it started with a clearly defined mission for my life. That mission is, "The purpose of my life is to be a light, enjoy grace, and do little acts of love." I have to constantly measure what I am pouring my time and energy in to ensure that it is actually serving that mission and my family well. If not, it has to go!

9. What's your best productivity tip?

Implement discipline tools and apps into your life! In my business, I am constantly online, but more often than not I am not actually doing productive work online. So I have apps on my computer like Stay Focused that limit the time I can be on certain sites like Facebook and on my phone I use an app called Moments that will literally shut my phone down if I spend too much time on it! Ha! I know it sounds crazy, but I found that I was spending WAY more time online than what was needed and it just wasn't adding up in income!

10. To you, what does it mean to run a heartfelt business?

Running a heartfelt business means I choose to serve first and profit second. It means I don't hold my reigns so tightly that I can't reach out and show love to someone who needs it. It means I care more about people than I do about dollars. Becuase when I am 80 I won't celebrate how much money I could rake in, but rather the hearts that were uplifted and encouraged along the way.

11. What's your biggest pet peeve?

When people are mean. That's not cool!

12. What's your go-to celebration when something big happens with your business?

Champagne is ALWAYS the answer!! ;)

Megan is a believer in Jesus, a wife to Jeremy, a mama to an independent mini me named Kennedy, a sweet and snuggly doll baby named Esley, and to her little dog Millie! Together they own two rental homes and are under contract on number three, co-own a family company of buying, flipping and selling residential real estate, she runs a hub of blogging and resources for creatives and co-own a creative co-working office in downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

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