Why Investing In Your Business Education Matters

Can I let you in on a little secret? I used to be really weary towards business education and investing in it. I mean, I am smart and intuitive and can’t I just watch what everyone else is doing and use those strategies in my business? Maybe.

Let me tell you about one more secret; specifically my secret weapon in business. The moments where I’ve seen the biggest shifts in my business, it was immediately after working with a coach or investing in business education. I can trace those shifts to an investment I made in my business and taking time to work ON my business, not just in it.

So, if this skeptical lady can see the importance of business education, then I am sure you can too. But if not, let me explain.

If you feel stuck in your business or aren’t see the growth that you want to see, maybe it’s time to think about what you might need to change.

You could certainly sit on your couch and try to figure out what’s going on or wrong. That might work. But, there could be a better way.

A different perspective.

You know how diversity is really important? For example: in the Corporate World, it’s incredibly vital to have a diverse population on say, the Marketing team. Having diverse opinions, perspectives, and life experiences make your Marketing efforts stronger and more effective.

The same rings true in solopreneurship.

If you’re the only person looking at your business and making decisions, you will fall flat. Don’t get me wrong. You are incredibly talented and gifted. You started a business! Not a lot of people can say that. But, you cannot do it alone.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you can’t do it alone.

Bringing a community around your business can come in all shapes and sizes, like building a tribe or creating online friendships.

Today, we are going to specifically talk about business education, in the form of coaching or small group coaching, why this is a way to choose diversity in your business, and why it matters.

Why Investing In Your Business Education Matters

  1. It is a new, fresh perspective: you know how in your personal life you ask for advice and look to others when you need to make a decision? Well, you should probably do the same thing in business. I don’t know why, but Entrepreneurs are SO good and trying to do everything, all at the same time. We are all ambitious and driven, so asking for help in our business isn’t easy. But friend, it’s so important. You need a fresh perspective and fresh information. You won’t get to where you want to be on your own. I am sorry to be harsh, but it’s the truth. You know those Entrepreneurs you look up to? Yeah, they have invested in their business and asked for help and paid for people to work with them. This doesn’t mean that you have to go hire a team, but you should consider ways you can invite new voices, intelligence, and perspectives into your business. If you’re a product shop owner, consider this opportunity.

  2. It creates a fire under your booty to work ON your business: you’ve spent money and time investing in a coach or course and because of that, ambition is created to make sure your investment was worth it. You have “skin in the game” for lack of a better term. Making an investment in your business makes you more committed to actually taking the time to do the work. We often say to ourselves: “I’ll work on my email list when I have the time.” Newsflash: we don’t have that kind of time. We MAKE the time. But, if there isn’t something pushing you to do the work, will you do it? Making a financial investment will create this drive.

  3. It helps you step outside your patterns: like I talk about about above, having a new perspective on your business will help you break patterns that you have set up that aren’t serving your business. If you work with a coach or a mastermind group, you are able to get feedback from people with different opinions and viewpoints, and it helps you see things you would otherwise never see. Like I said before, the biggest shifts and profit growths have come from changing something or offering something new. And this was a result of someone helping me see an opportunity that I didn’t have the eyes to see.

  4. It gives you accountability: you can have the greatest intentions, but if you don’t follow through, nothing will happen. Having a coach or group of people working alongside you will give you the accountability you need to actually take action on your goals and dreams. How many times have you thought about trying something new or starting your email list or conducting a survey, but then didn’t follow through? Probably more times than you’d like to admit. But, if you knew someone would be checking up on you, asking if you’d done that thing you promised you would do, you’d follow through more. And more accountability means more follow through, and more follow through means more goals achieved.

  5. It expands your network of cheerleaders: this year I coached a small group of product shop owners for my first Mastermind (learn more here) and we all became each other’s cheerleaders for launches and new products. It helped us grow our network and spread the word about our products. When you have more people sharing your work, your business will flourish and sales will increase. Plain and simple.

If you’re a product shop owner and interested in learning about my exclusive Mastermind (only waitlist available!), head over here to apply. It will change your business and we get to become BFFs, so winning all around. Questions? Send ‘em to rachel@rachelallene.com and I will answer you directly. Can’t wait to chat!!!