Why I Started A Product Shop

Why I Started A Product Shop.jpg

If you know anything about my entrepreneur journey, you would know that I--in some way--stumbled upon the product world. I didn’t really have a clear plan for my business in the beginning, and quite frankly; I thought my business would be more focused on photography. When I first started, I had more experience with photography versus calligraphy. I was just dabbling in calligraphy, as seen here:


So, the idea that I would design and create products was never in my vision of where my business was headed. But as I neared the 10 month arc of being in business, I had the idea to start creating mugs. It was a brand new idea, something I had never done before, and I had no idea where to get started. So I talked to a friend, and she helped me create them by hand with vinyl. Fast forward two years, and now I have all sorts of inventory and products.

But, why did I choose to pursue products?

Even when I didn’t have products--or even know I wanted to sell products--I had a very specific and clear mission statement for my business. It has been tweaked a little bit over the years, but to the core: it’s still the same.

The mission of Rachel Allene is:

To create products and services for the creative, joyful, and inspired dreamer in order to empower, encourage and uplift.

If I was going to create products, they needed to fit into that mission statement. Yes, making products for the sake of profit is fun. But, I wanted there to be a greater purpose behind it all.

I wanted to touch lives and step into the morning routines of women. I wanted the morning cup of coffee to also be a time for my customer to feel empowered and encouraged.

Why am I so big on empowerment?

Well, you see, it’s my biggest struggle. Would you believe that the girl who shouts “be empowered” from the rooftops, is struggling to believe it for herself?

Choosing grace-filled and kind self-talk is a battle for me. I am quick to see my shortcomings and constantly feeling as though someone is mad at me. I want to please and find worth in what others say about me, how often they text me, and how many connections I have.

Not getting invited to a party or being left out of a social gathering is heartbreaking to me.

I’ve spent several years looking to people for encouragement and approval to find my worth and my purpose.

But, it shouldn’t be that way.

So, what am I getting at?

In an effort to choose strength and confidence for myself, I needed to speak it out. I needed to put out products that spoke and embodied the truth I needed to hear for myself. I had a hunch that I wasn’t the only person in the world struggling to find hope and truth, so making these products for others just made sense.

If I could impact ONE life with my products, it would be worth it.

My goal and hope is that I can empower women all across the world to choose confidence and strength. Because guess what? You are so much more than enough. And I want you to believe that.

The goal of this mug is to bring peace into a morning routine. 

This mug is intended to brighten your mood when all seems dull and gray. 

And this mug is to empower you that you are so much stronger than you believe.