What's Coming Soon for Rachel Allene? | Get YOUR Voice Heard!

When I think about the next several months and years of my business, I think about how I want to serve YOU. It’s not about me and my personal gains! For me, it’s about impacting the lives of others. I want to offer products and services for the creative, joyful, and inspired dreamer in order to promote grace, honesty, and vulnerability. And I want you to be a part of it. Sound good? I think so too.

First, I want to remind you (or inform you) about what I actually do and maybe give some hints about some new things coming for 2017!

Rachel Allene specializes in hand-lettered products. Right now, these products include mugs, tumblers, prints, cards, and tote bags. The shop is a way for me to encourage you through every day home products and holiday gifts. And who doesn’t just love a pretty mug, right?! As 2017 continues, I am also planning to add new and exciting products to the product shop! Oh, and the shop might look different soon. Any guesses?

In addition to creating and selling hand-lettered goods, I also offer mentoring sessions. I love meeting other entrepreneurs who are just getting them started with their business. I have learned a lot in the last year or so, and I would love to share with you! I also offer strategy sessions for Instagram. Looking for a way to step up your Instagram game? I got you covered! We will discuss my tried and true tricks, the magic of Instagram stories (and how to use them), and work together to create a manageable strategy for your Instagram marketing!

I am also behind the scenes working on some new services that I going to offer! I have always loved writing and I am creating a plan to offer services to help you create cohesive content for your business and website. Want to be the first to hear when I launch? Click here.

I also offer limited styling services for clients! I am available for styling shoots, tablescapes, product shoots, commercial photography, etc. In addition, I also offer the styling photography for clients! If you are interested in this service, please contact me. I am accepting limited clients for 2017.

Now, that I’ve laid the groundwork for who I am and what I offer, I want to introduce our giveaway! Have you had your eye on this mug? It’s one of our best-sellers and I would love for you to snag a free one. Learn how you can win below!

I want this year to be the year where I am able to meet the needs of my clients and help you reach your business goals (if you are a business owner)! If you aren’t a business owner, I want to offer products that are exactly what you’re looking for! So, would you do me a favor and fill out a 3-minute survey? All entrants will be entered into a giveaway for this mug!

I know surveys aren’t the most sexy things, but I want you to know how much I value and covet your input. I’m not a mind reader (I know, shocking!), so the only way I can serve you better is by you helping me out with this survey! It’s just a few minutes out of your day, but it’s a HUGE help to me. And don’t forget! There is a chance to win a FREE mug! Three minutes in exchange for a mug, now that’s a good deal!

Take the survey here.

I can’t wait to read your responses and I can’t wait to serve you better! You are the reason I get up and get to work every day and I wouldn’t be able to do this without you. So, from the bottom of my heart: thank you.

Xoxo, R