What’s Coming for Rachel Allene in 2019

What’s Coming for Rachel Allene in 2019-1.jpg

The New Year ALWAYS makes me want to change everything in my life.

I always want to rearrange my furniture, renovate my house, reorganize all the things, and fix all things in order to make them to be more efficient. One of the many things I got from my dad is my love for efficiency. Of all the things in the world that are important to me, efficiency is high on the list. Always. So after the busy holidays, I always have an itch to make things better and more efficient. In addition to efficiency, I am always focused on living life and doing business better every year. I want to be better at my sales strategy, at meal planning, at intentional relationships, at customer service. I want to create better products, serve my customers and clients better, be a better mom, etc.

As this year closes, I am even more dedicated to simplifying life and business to give me more time to breathe and be. This last year has been a whirlwind. My business grew at a rate I was quite ready for and I feel as if I’ve just been trying to survive since. Obviously this is a great problem to have, but it’s still a problem. And I am still tired and weary and ready for a break. So, as I feel the tiredness deep in my bones, I am ready to dive into the process of shedding things in my business that didn’t work and that didn’t propel me to where I want to be. I am also excited to study the areas that DID work and figure out how to make them work even better.

While I am still in the process of looking over both of those lists, I did want to let you know about a few things that are coming in 2019 and what you can expect from me!

  1. I am limiting my Mastermind groups to one per year: yep, that’s right! In 2018 I hosted two mastermind groups for product shop owners. Both were amazing and I was able to help some incredible product shop owners really learn how to grow and set up a sustainable product shop. It was by far the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done in business. I have decided to continue with the Mastermind groups, but only host one per year. This was a hard decision, but it was the best for my family and setting good boundaries for our time together.

  2. I am adding some brand new products to the shop: I do this every year, but this year will be even more exciting! I am creating some new products that I hope will “wow” you and offer things that you can’t find anywhere else. I am excited to spill the beans on them in the coming months.

  3. I am opening more opportunities to connect with my customers and providing new ways to save: this one is still under wraps and still in process, but I am really looking forward to what’s to come for my community this year! I think you’ll love it too!

  4. I will be blogging less and focusing more on my mastermind and my product shop: for about two years, I’ve attempted to split my business into two parts: business educational resources and online product shop. While it worked at first, I believe it started to confuse my audience and I was having a hard time balancing the two. Last year I decided to really focus my efforts on educating product shop owners and that turned out to work really well for me and my clients. So, in this coming year, I will be offering less resources about business in general and focusing more on my Mastermind and how I can help them expand their shops. This will also mean there will be less blog posts about business in general and I will also be shutting down some of my Facebook groups. While blogging and being a Facebook group host is a great marketing move for business, it’s not my best “yes.” So, I am willing to shed those things.

It might seem like I’ve got my heart set on what 2019 will hold, I am still considering lots of changes and open minded to anything. It’s always been my goal to serve my clients and customers and I want to get better and better with each year!

I’ve put together a survey of questions that will help me decide what choices to make in the coming year (and beyond!) and I’d be so grateful if you took 5 minutes to take the survey. I am giving away a $100 Target gift card to one random person who takes the survey! It won’t take much time and it will help me SO MUCH.

Take the survey here.

Thank you for making 2018 a year to remember and I can’t wait to see what next year holds!

Happy New Year!