The Ultimate Summer Checklist

When I was growing up, Summer was one of my favorite seasons! I think I loved it so much because it was a break from school and I got to swim every day. Where I grew up (and where I currently live) gets VERY hot during the Summer. It’s no Arizona heat, but we have 100+ degree weather for several months. The heat lasts until October and by that time, we are soooo over the heat that we can all be a little grumpy.

So, in an attempt to go back to my childhood anticipation of Summer, I wanted to create a Summer checklist for you!

Since I am expecting a little person in July, I don’t know how many Summer things I will be participating in. But, if I were able to do whatever I wanted this Summer, these are the things I would want to make sure I did!

Summer Checklist:

  • Swim in a swimming hole

  • Eat popsicles poolside

  • Watch fireworks

  • Get a pedicure

  • Take a weekday off and spend it at the pool or wherever you can find water

  • Read two novels

  • Make homemade ice cream

  • Grill peaches

  • Have weekly BBQ’s with friends

  • Go on a roadtrip

  • Go camping

  • Make sun tea

  • Bake a peach pie

  • Go fruit picking (we have local farms where we pick blueberries and peaches!)

  • Buy lemonade from the neighbor kids

  • Go to the Farmer’s Market

  • Watch the sunrise

Since I will be busy taking care of a newborn for the second half of the Summer, will ya help me out and check some of these items off the list?

Summer should be a time to take off from work, stay up late, have salty hair, and eat way too much watermelon.

I hope you are able to soak up this time with your family and friends! And if you need help preparing for vacation, I wrote a post about how I prepared to take time off for our Hawaii trip. It might help you find more peace during your vacation!

Download your Summer checklist here!