The Mompreneur Podcast (how and why)


This week my biz (and real-life bestie) Nicole and I launched a passion project we’ve been dreaming up for some time. You can read her thoughts about it here.

Almost a year ago, I was thrown in the a new season of life: Motherhood. But, not only Motherhood. I was also now given the task of figuring out what it meant to be a Mompreneur.

You see, I thought I had it figured out. I thought I knew what kind of Mom I would be and what it would be like to work and be a mom.

But, once that baby was laid on my chest, I changed. In an instant. My priorities were different. My passions adjusted. And now it was time to really figure things out.

As I talked about in Episode 001 of the podcast, I am a different mom than I expected I would be. I thought I would be able to leave my son with my mom for a full day and work. Nope. I don’t even want to do that. And he’s almost a year old and I still have no desire to do that.

But, there’s plenty of Mompreneurs who do. And who work far more hours than I do.

And that’s great. But, it’s not my experience.

Shortly after Knox was born, I began to notice how comparison was making me feel. I felt like a failure in every way. I thought that if my story didn't look like every other Mompreneur, I wouldn't be successful. I wasn’t working enough. Or I wasn’t attentive enough to my son. In all ways, I felt like I was failing.

And at the same time, I didn’t have a lot of people to talk to.

All my close real-life friends don’t have babies. Sure, my sweet online friends do, but I don’t get to interface with them at church or small group or weeknight BBQs. The people I actually do day-to-day life with are either married with no kids or single. They go to the movies on the weekends and sleep in on Saturday. They work all day and drink wine at 4pm. And they should. That’s their season of life and that’s a glorious season of life. But, it’s no longer my season of life.

Praise the Lord for Nicole. She was the only friend at the time I had who was a Mompreneur. And as we sat on my couch with breast milk stains on my shirt and dried tears on my cheeks, she told me it was okay to feel what I was feeling. And that it wouldn’t last forever. And I would work again. And I would sleep better. And that I would find my passion and drive and dreams again. And she was right. But there were a lot of moments when I didn’t believe her. But, she believed it for me. She stood firm and reminded me of truth.

When I look back on those days I think of how powerful and comforting it was to have someone to talk to, cry with, and laugh about baby poop with.

What would it be like without her?

We had both recently become first-time mamas, and as business owners were shocked by both the incredible challenge of being a Mompreneur and the lack of information and guidance for HOW to do it well. Even though we had each other, we knew these conversations were needed elsewhere. Feeling compelled to fill the need, we created The Mompreneur Podcast – sincere and candid confessions alongside essential and real-life business how-tos from biz-boss-moms whose passions include motherhood AND entrepreneurship. At The Mompreneur Podcast, the welcome is never worn out and there is always more coffee.

We wanted to create a space to hear from Mompreneurs who were ahead of us with older kids. We wanted to make space for women who are struggling with the same things we struggle with. Or different struggles. And above all, we wanted to just make time to talk and feel heard. We were tired of feeling isolated. And if we felt this way, there most certainly must be more Mompreneurs who feel the same way.

We weren’t created to do motherhood or entrepreneurship alone. It takes a tribe.

So, welcome to the tribe. Bring your reheated coffee and top knot. The fun is just getting started, mama.

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