The Launch League: A 5-day FREE Online Challenge

Launch League A 5-day FREE Online Challenge.jpg

Are you frazzled with #allthethings and overloaded with dreams and ideas, but lack the ability to launch them into the world?

Or are you excited to tell the world about a new service you offer, but unsure about how to grab their attention?

Are you ready to start a new business endeavor but too scared to fail?

If you answered “yes!” to any of the above questions, then you are in the right spot! Get comfortable sister, and allow me to introduce you to the totally FREE Launch for Success online challenge.

Maybe you’re brand new to the online business world and have no idea how to get your product seen.

Or perhaps, you want to change the direction of your business but unsure how to take the steps to make it happen.

You might even have a brand new product or service completely ready to go, but the list of things you need to get done is overwhelming.

I hear you, sister.

When it comes to launching a product or service, there’s a lot of behind the scenes work and nitty gritty details that happen before everything goes live.

Curious to know what I am talking about?

Join me for a 5-day FREE online challenge where I will walk you through all the steps from product/service creation to actually launching that thang!

So, what does this challenge include?

  • 5 videos (you will receive a 3-5 minute video every morning!)
  • An extensive worksheet to guide you through the week
  • Email communication with me
  • Prompts and questions
  • And a community of like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs!

The details:

When: April 23rd - 27th

Where: in your email inbox (and connect with everyone in the Facebook group!)

Why: to help you build a strategy that works for your business and helps you launch confidently AND effectively. 

You've seen those people who promote something and within hours it's sold out. Most of the time, that's because there was strategy behind the launch and a lot of hard work put in BEFORE the product or service was ready for purchasing. 

Allow me to walk you through the first steps (steps that are often skipped over!) of launching and help you get ready for your next launch!