Summer Reading List

Summer Reading List.jpg

If you’ve been around here for a little while, you’re aware that in the last year or so, I’ve worked really hard to read more and watch less. Overall, I have loved it. For the first year of doing this, I didn’t read business books. For me, reading was a time for me to relax and escape and I didn’t want to keep filling my head with business stuff. I need to shut off. Escape. And it’s been so good for me.

Just recently, I started to have the desire to read more about business and educate myself. It’s been wonderful. I wanted to do it. I was craving more education. But, I literally took over a year off from reading business advice. It was just what I needed. I am back, ready to digest lots of good business advice!

Business Reading List:

What I’m Currently Reading:

Influence: this book is all about psychological triggers than occur when people purchase something. There are countless case studies and examples of the six triggers in action. I am actually not physically reading this book and instead listening to it! But the content is amazing!

How to Write Copy That Sells: this book is flat out ridiculously amazing. A lot of the content in the book I somewhat “knew”, but the way it is laid out brings clarity and organization to my frazzled business mind. It’s been an incredible read for me! I highly recommend it.

What’s on my shelf:

Traction: this book has been on my shelf for awhile. Every time I sit down to read it, I am intimidated by it. But! I have heard amazing things about it so I will continue to try and read it!

Expert Secrets: I have recently been intrigued and fascinated by the science (can you call it science?) of sales funnels. This book is all about that and have heard amazing things about it.

Leisure Reading List:

What I’ve read:

All The Missing Girls: I read this book very quickly. It’s a thriller and it is a little dark at times, but so good. I love a good page-turner and it did not disappoint.

What Alice Forgot: this book took me way longer to read than I would have wanted to spend on it, so that is usually an indicator of how good a book is. But, I truly loved this book. Very cute and sweet. Alice bumps her head and loses ten years of memory and wakes up to a different world and reality than she could have expected.

Sharp Objects: this book is very, very dark. Books don’t affect me very much, so I am able to read dark material without it having a long term effect on me. If that’s not how you are, then I don’t suggest this one. It’s good! But very, very dark.

The Road Back to You: have you heard of the enneagram? If you haven’t, take a second and go over here to learn a little bit about it. It has really changed my life recently. The Enneagram (and specifically, this book), have helped me understand myself in completely new ways. Learning about myself in this way has helped me to have more confidence in who I am, but also understand why I respond in certain ways in specific situations. These realizations have given me freedom and clarity. But beware, once you start down the Enneagram road, you’ll be hooked and obsessing over it.

What’s on my shelf:

Rich People Problems: the third book in a series I’ve been reading.

The Woman in Cabin 10: I always love a new thriller.

All The Light We Cannot See: I’ve only heard praises for this book, so looking forward to reading this one too!

Little Fires Everywhere: I read “Everything I Never Told You” (the author’s first book) and didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it. I have heard amazing things about this book, so looking forward to reading it!

What have you been reading? What’s on your shelf? I am always looking for new recommendations!