Six Steps to A More Productive Work Day

We all have the same amount of time in the day. Twenty-four hours. But do you ever feel like some people accomplish way more during the day than you? I know I've felt that way. If you're running a business, you pretty much always have too much to do. Your to-do list is never-ending. And now that I have a little person to take care of, I have very limited time to work on my business.

So let me ask you: do you ever find yourself working and before you know it three hours have passed and you have not accomplished anything? As much as I’d like to say this never happens to me, it definitely does. If I had it my way, I would have shorter work days so I could have more hours to play and go on walks and go on coffee dates. There are several things you can do to practice more productivity

  1. Get dressed and ready for the day, even if you don’t leave the house for work. I have been implementing this practice and it’s been so helpful for my morale and mood throughout the day. Iknow it won’t happen every day. But, on the days where I spend an extra 5 minutes getting dressed and putting on mascara and blush, I find that when the day ends I feel more energized, confident, and accomplished. 
  2. Plan out your day. I like to make a schedule for myself for each day. So, I write down everything I need to do and schedule it out. For example, I will schedule out what time I will start and stop replying to emails, then I move onto my next scheduled item. A picture below shows an example of what a day might look like. Breaking it apart actually helps me stay focused instead of thinking about all that needs to get done before I close up shop. 
  3. Put your phone in a different room or a drawer in your desk. Most days, I am able to step away from my phone and not let it distract me. But, I have days where really don’t want to get to work, and those are typically the days that I get the most distracted by my phone. So, I will put it in the kitchen or in a desk drawer. I find that when I do this, I am not even tempted to look at it. I completely forget about! 
  4. Put on some good music! When I really need to get motivated, I will put on music that will inspire me, but not make me distracted by having a dance party. It’s a fine line. Honestly, there are some great spotify playlists out there! Find one that gets you moving and inspired. This is one of my favorites. 
  5. Give yourself a reward. When I have a reward, I always work harder and quicker! For me, most of my rewards are relational. So, I will plan coffee dates or extra snuggles with Knox or walks with my mom or friends. That way, I know I will get a break, so I am more motivated to get what needs to be done accomplished. Your reward could be like mine, or watching the latest episode of New Girl, or lunch, or a phone date with a friend, or a glass of wine. The reward is up to you! 
  6. Let yourself rest. It is important to note that you are not able to do it all. And that’s okay. It is good to take breaks. It is good to take time off. In fact, I find that when I give myself time to rest and relax, I am more productive once I jump back into work. Giving yourself rest will be one of the best things you can do for yourself, your relationships, your family, and your business. There is no use in trying to be productive with work if the rest of your life and family is suffering from your excess work hours. It’s the truth, and I am not afraid to share it with you! :)

Cheers to living more productive, less stressful lives!