Running A Heartfelt Business | Why It's Important To Me

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When I started my business, I always knew that I wanted it to be more than a paycheck. I knew that I wanted my business to product change; make an impact. I knew that if there wasn't a bigger purpose to it, I would get burned out pretty quickly. 

Even though I didn't have the most traditional start to my business (quit my job and THEN started a business), I am also thankful for it. It allowed me the time and space to really figure out what I was doing and why I was doing it. 

At first, I was splitting my business between calligraphy and photography. Those art forms are lovely and I find a lot of satisfaction from participating in those art forms. But, I also knew that doing those two things would not bring my the fulfillment I was looking for in entrepreneurship. 

When I first sat down to write a business plan (or what I thought was a business plan at the time), I focused on writing a mission and vision statement. In my naïveté, I decided that I wanted my business to be about empowering and encouraging women. Cool. 

But, how was I going to do this?

At first, it was through posting hand-lettered verses and quotes. That's how I started to grow an "audience." But the truth is, most of those people were just other calligraphers. Community and support is great, but it wasn't going to pay any bills. 

Since the beginning, I have had multiple twists and turns in my business. And I expect more. In fact, I look forward to them. But, one thing that has remained constant? My desire to empower and encourage others. 

I haven't always succeeded at this. And I've had plenty of things fail. 

But, I believe that having a clear mission from the beginning has helped me to keep going. It's helped me to push past hardships and failures. It's helped me get creative and find new ways to live out this mission. 

In recent days, my mission has taken on a somewhat broader description. It's something I am passionate about and it's something I love to talk about and teach others about. 

This mission is to run a heartfelt business.

What does this mean to me?

To me, running a heartfelt business means that:

  • The outcome of anything I post, produce, or promote should be encouraging and empowering. 
  • My audience, clients, and customers are who I serve. Always.
  • It's not about me and how I can grow my pride or paycheck or follower count. 
  • Honesty and vulnerability trumps all. 
  • Daily gut checks are necessary. 
  • Kindness and generosity are more important than profitability. 
  • I use my story and life to encourage others and give them a place to belong. 
  • #lesshustlemoregrace
  • And it's okay to sell something and be sales-y, but the heart behind it is what truly matters. (This means that whatever I sell or promote is something I truly believe in and believe that it will only bring good and positivity.)

These are the reasons why I choose the run the type of business I run. And truth be told, I believe these values allow me to be more profitable AND I feel GOOD about what I do. There's no guilt or shame around it. I believe in what I do and there's freedom in that!

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