New Hand-Lettering Service | An Announcement for Small Business Owners!

One important aspect of running a successful online business is through clear branding and messaging. You need to communicate consistently and clearly to your audience! You should have things you repeat over and over to your audience. You should communicate a similar message throughout all your marketing. You brand should be recognizable and people should know what you "preach."

We all know that hand-lettered quotes are the rage these days and we love posting them on our feeds, using them in overlays, etc. Up until now, most people repost images with quotes, but wouldn't it be amazing if you could have your signature quotes and mantras hand-lettered and ready to go at any time?! I think so!

That's exactly why I am offering this service for small business owners! You can now have hand-lettered quotes that are exclusive to your brand and business. 

Here's what it would entail: you would choose 10 quotes that you want hand-lettered in order to use in your online marketing. This can range from Instagram posts to your website to webinar slides to Facebook group images. The options are endless! I would then hand-letter the 10 quotes of your choice for you and deliver them in a png format. And then you can customize them to your needs!

This is the perfect addition to your marketing needs. Instead of scrolling through Instagram looking for quotes or images that align with your brand and business, you can now have hand-lettered quotes that are uniquely YOU. How amazing is that?

Take a look at what we can do for YOU!

Interested in ordering your bundle? Click here and send a message with "hand-lettering bundle" in the subject line.

Let's get your brand elevated, love!

Rachel AlleneComment