My Favorite Amazon Prime Purchases

We all love Amazon Prime, right? It's convenient, prices are lower, and I can get pretty much anything I want/need within two days AND I don't have to pay for shipping. 

Could life be more convenient?

Part of me hates the fact that there are industry tycoons who are taking over and offering every single item I will ever need. But, I think the thing that I actually hate is the fact that I actually love it.

I love having Amazon Prime. I love the lower prices. I love the convenience. I love the free two-day shipping. 

But before I get sidetracked and write this blog post about large corporations and how it affects the small business world, let's talk about my favorite items to purchase on our beloved Amazon Prime. 

I thought I would break it down into different categoies, so feel free to jump to the categories that interest you the most. Since, I am sure this is the most riveting blog post you've read in 5 years. 

Household items:

Office Materials:

Business purchases:

Health Foods:


Baby Items:




Some of the items listed above are wish-list items, but for the most part these are items that I personally own and can vouch for. Want the ULTRA-EXCITING news? Prime Day starts tonight! It lasts for 30 hours: July 10th at 9pm EST until 3am EST on July 12th. There are crazy sales and discounted prices, so you're gonna want to talk advantage of that! I suggest all the items above, but there are bound to be SO MUCH MORE. 

What's the craziest thing you've bought on Amazon?

*this post includes affiliate links. The price does not change for you, it just might give a tiny percentage to support Rachel Allene.