Must Haves for New Mom


Being a new mom is so hard. You’re exhausted from being pregnant AND labor, you have crazy hormones rushing through your body, you aren’t sleeping a lot, you have a new baby who you adore and had no idea you could feel the emotions you’re feeling, and you are worried about every tiny thing.

Luckily, I have a sister who has had some babies recently who is also a nurse, and a Mom around the corner. But, it was still a huge adjustment.

There are countless things you’re told that you HAVE to have. I am an incredibly practical person and I don’t like to buy anything that I won’t use, so registering was hard for me. There are so many things we THINK we need, but we rarely need all those things.

It was really helpful to ask my sister what things she actually used in the first couple of months, and I hope that my experiences can help new mamas!

Must Haves for New Moms (in my opinion)


our little guy was born in July and it is HOT as Hades here during the summer, so we lived in a diaper or onesies for the first month of his life. You also don’t go out much for the first couple of weeks, so I didn’t have a need for SUPER cute outfits for the newborn size. But again, this is what worked for me. I love these.


we use our stroller every single day! We have this one and it’s amazing. I love to go on walks and runs, so we wanted a stroller that was easy to push. The BOB is a dream. It folds up so easy, basically pushes itself, has lots of compartments for storage and is just amazing. A few things to note: you will have to purchase extras like this and this. And when they’re little you’ll need a carseat adapter like this. Purchasing the extras doesn’t bother me because the stroller is SO NICE. But, I know that might deter people.

Good nursing bra:

you will live in these things for MONTHS (if you’re like me and exclusively breastfeed), so you need good ones. And you need a handful because you need to wash them a lot (think leakage!). I love these!

Refreshing face wash:

right after having Knox, washing my face at night felt like going to the spa. After a full day of being mama, my face was most likely stained with dried tears, spit up, and breastmilk. So, having this tiny little ritual was so nice! This one is nice.

Body spray:

you don’t always have time to shower, so you need a way to freshen up. I got this one since it’s natural.

Diapers and Wipes:

so many diapers to change! You want to have good ones. We do a subscription through Honest and have loved it! It’s so nice to know diapers and wipes are coming and not having to run to Target in the middle of the day.

Good burp cloths:

Knox was very gassy and spit up all the time. So, we went through at least 5 burp cloths a day. So, we purchased a bunch so I wasn’t washing them every single day. I love these (they're actually prefold cloth diapers, but work GREAT!), but they were a good, cheap option for a large quantity. And they’re nice!


Knox loved (and still loves) to be swaddled at night and for naps. We got these and also this one. Love them both for different reasons.


I was that mama that wasn’t going to use a pacifier. But, babies always have different plans :) From the moment Knox was born he wanted to suck 24/7. So in the hospital we ended up giving him a binky so I could get some sleep. Even the nurse agreed he needed it! This is our favorite.

Chocolate Covered Almonds:

do I need to say any more?!

Hulu Plus Subscription (+ Netflix!):

babies nurse and sleep A LOT in the first couple of weeks. You just grew a human and gave birth. You deserve ALL the relaxing time in the world. Sit at home and watch TV all day. I promise you’ll get a routine and get back to normal in no time. This time flies by. And the next time you have a baby you won’t be able to do this, so take advantage of it!

Lots of Snacks:

breastfeeding makes you hungry. And you’ll be feeding during the night, so you will wake up at 2am starving. Have easy snacks that require one hand available! I like this recipe and this one for quick snacks that are nourishing!

Milk Pads:

I had an over-supply of milk in the beginning, so these were a lifesaver!

Soothe Pads:

Nursing can be very painful in the beginning (but SO worth it!!!), so these were a life-saver for the first couple of weeks of nursing. I would keep them in the fridge and then put them in my bra when needed. The cold felt so good! 

Waterbottle with a Straw:

breastfeeding also made me SO THIRSTY. So, I had my water with me at all times. You also need to be drinking a lot of water because breastmilk is primarily made of water, so stay hydrated! Might I suggest this one?


again: for the breastfeeding.


I am a big proponent of babywearing. And my baby still likes to be held 100% of the time. But sometimes you gotta empty the dishwasher or send an email or change the laundry. Babywearing makes this possible. This Ergo is my favorite. The new versions have velcro for the waistband. I personally don’t love that because sometimes babies fall asleep and you want to set them down. But not if you have to rip velcro! So, I prefer the classic since it’s a clip. Here's the newer version.

Solly Wrap:

my other favorite babywearing device. I like them for different occasions, so I suggest having both (if possible). I got my Solly used and it was cheaper!

Being a new mama is hard. Just remember that you aren’t alone and that there is a tribe of Mamas who understand you and support you. I remember being so proud that I was a Mom. It’s hard and it takes persistence, grace, joy, grit, and kindness. It’s a big deal to be a Mama, so welcome to the club! It’s a fun tribe to be a part of. (If you are trying to conceive or have miscarried, know that your heart and soul is welcome here. You are seen, heard, and prayed for.)

I must also add, some must-haves for new mamas who also run a business!

Must Haves for New Moms (who are also business owners):

Assistant to text:

my assistant Caitlyn, was a God-send. I texted her when we were headed to the hospital and had complete peace that she would take care of everything. To be honest, in the moment you aren’t thinking about your business. But after the baby arrives and you have settled in, it’s SO NICE to have someone to text and lean on.

Pre-scheduled content:

I spent a lot of time writing blog posts, emails, and Facebook posts so I wouldn’t have to worry about content for awhile. It was a blessing to feel on auto-pilot! I wrote a post about how I prepped for maternity leave here and my friend Megan Martin also wrote a post about how she prepped.

Auto responder:

set up a good auto-responder that can answer most questions that might come your way while you’re out. Think about what potential clients would ask, people asking for a collaboration, questions about a service/product, etc. and address those questions in the auto-responder.

Calendar reminders:

there were several things I needed to work on a couple months after Knox was due, but I knew I might not remember. So, I set up a bunch of reminders to help keep me on track. I also had lots of deadlines for upcoming projects/launches.

Social Media Graphics:

having a bunch of images and graphics ready to go is so helpful! You want to keep your presence online, but you also want to be present with your little one. Having images ready to go will help with that! You can also schedule your posts with apps like Coschedule.

I hope that as you begin the journey into motherhood, you remember that you aren't alone. It's a beautiful new season and you are strong. The things I have learned have not come with out tears and frustration and heartache. You got this, mama!

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