Learning to Be Enough

“You are enough.”

We hear these words, we see them written out and we try to convince ourselves to believe them. Is it working? I find that I can say the most unkind words to myself. I am constantly beating myself up and telling myself that I could do more, say more and love more. There is always more. I am never measuring up and I never will; that’s what I tell myself. I often feel a constant war going on inside my thoughts. I know the truth, but the lies have greater resilience. They are toxic and as I allow them to reside within me, they gain strength and eventually poison my mind and spirit.

Knowing our worth is something that is a constant struggle, and it is also our greatest weapon. If we truly believe we are enough and worthy, we would be unstoppable.

It’s not about doing more or even mustering more confidence in ourselves. It’s not about trying hard to have more faith in ourselves. It’s about letting go. If we truly let go, we can find freedom in our identity. We can find peace in our strengths and our weaknesses. We can find joy in the darkest situations. And we can finally know, deep down, in the bottom of our hearts, that we. are. enough.

So, how do we let go? The answer to that question, unfortunately, is not universal and never will be. It’s a personal journey. But it’s not meant to be done alone. The process of letting go starts as a personal choice and comes to fruition with the help and support of your loving community. The beauty of letting go is inviting others into our messiness and then finding true, authentic beauty in the midst of it. What a gift!

I challenge you to start today. Write down two or three things you want to practice letting go. It could be your need to excel at all things you do. You’re enough regardless of what you accomplish. It could be your struggles with negative self-talk and body image. You’re looks don’t determine your worth. You are enough just the way you are. You might need to let go of a toxic relationship. Your friends and significant others don’t define your worth. Maybe today is the day to let go of comparison. There is no person better than you and no person less than you. We are ALL enough!

After you write these down, tell a friend, your mom, your sister, or me! I would love to support you and challenge you to truly let go of all struggles and comparison and pain. There is so much more life and joy when we know our worth. Let’s be world changers, lovelies!