Goals I am Setting for Vacation

My husband and I have always made a it a priority to take at least one vacation every year together. Sometimes the trips are smaller than other years, and sometimes we take bigger trips. 

Since we are expecting a little bundle of joy in July, we decided to make our yearly trip our Babymoon. So! We are headed to Kauai this weekend and I cannot wait! Kauai (Hawaii, for that matter) is one of those places that is as good as everyone says it is! The beaches, the food, the sunshine, the rest. It's also better on the island. 

So, as we get ready to head out for the week, I have been working extra hard to get things in order so I can take the week off. It's a bit stressful and I don't like that the time leading up to vacation is so busy because I want to make time for vacation. Vacation should just happen. But alas, here I am getting #allthethings in order to I can relax on the beach. 

We are taking this trip smack dab in the middle of the busiest 6 weeks of our year, so I am giving myself grace and reminding myself that it's temporary and life will not always be this crazy busy. I also have a big announcement and launch happening RIGHT after we return, so I have to be a little extra ready than anticipated. Side note: if you want in on those extra special details and be the first to know about my announcement, get on the list here

Since this season of life is busier than I would like, I am taking some time to set clear, intentional goals for this trip. I want to come back excited to dive into work and baby prep, not more exhausted. 

My goals and intentions for this trip are:

  1. Don't set an alarm (unless we have to wake up for something amazing like a sunrise hike): I typically set an alarm every single day of the week. I like to maximize every day and I always have a growing to-do list; even on the weekends. So, in order to find some balance, I want to allow myself to wake up whenever I want. Also: pregnancy fatigue is a REAL thing and this girl is read for some extra zzz's. 
  2. Disconnect from email: I don't plan to respond to emails and I am going to delete the app from my phone. Like I mentioned above, I have a big project launching soon, so I will be doing some small amounts of work. But, I plan to do this work in the airport or on the way, so my goal is for my "job" to be relaxation. 
  3. Finish my current book and start another: I am currently reading The Kitchen House (strongly suggest it!!) and want to start the next one on my reading list. I am debating between Big Magic and Devil in the White City. 
  4. Swim in the ocean at least 3 times a day: I am a total ocean girl. It's my happy place. So, I plan to take most of my showers there as well. 
  5. Be present: I want my time with Joel to be intentional. I don't want to think about work or the house projects or what people back home are doing. I want to be on the island and soak. it. up. 

I will still have blogs and content and all sorts of goodies coming your way next week, so don't worry! In fact, one of my most content-packed posts is coming on Tuesday, April 25th!

Talk soon and Aloha!