Everything You Need to Start an Online Shop

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When I first opened my product shop I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea how to get started with shipping, where to buy shipping materials, how to set up my shop, how to write the listings, etc. etc. I felt lost in a sea of kick booty Etsy shop owners destined to drown. That’s why I didn’t touch my Etsy shop for about a year after I created it.

It was too intimidating.

And when I talk to other product shop owners or Etsy shop owners, I notice a similar trend. We all don’t know where to start and we all have SO many questions we wish could be answered without having to scour Google. I mean don’t get me wrong, Google is amazing, but sometimes isn’t it nice to just talk to a real person?

After selling product consistently for over 24 months now, I believe I have gone through enough trial and error that I’ve learned my way. I also would hope that my mistakes will help others to get ahead quicker than I was able to. I hope that you can learn from the mistakes I made and the *face palm* situations I encountered all too often.

If you are opening up an online product shop, there are several items I believe you need to work on before going "live." I wish I had worked more on getting the behind the scenes aspects of my online shop up and running before I started selling product. It would have saved me money, time, and a lot of frustration. 

For this reason, I have curated my personal checklist for new product shop owners!

The list includes all the things that you need to get a shop started, what equipment you need, some advice and more! If you're wanting to take your shop to the next level, make sure you check out of FREE E-COURSE for product shop owners!

Are you a shop owner?

Are you wanting to get started? Are you interested in getting your hands on this checklist?