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I saw a blog post like this a few weeks ago on my friend Rachel’s blog, so I have to give her a shoutout for the idea. I loved reading her post about email lists she likes to subscribe to and why.

Right now, it can seem like everyone is asking you to sign up for a newsletter and I know that your email inbox is probably already overcrowded. But the truth is, a lot of people are focusing on email marketing right now. Which is a great thing! I hope that if you’re an entrepreneur, you are also trying to start an email list! Because so many people are focusing on email marketing, there is a lot of good content being sent out on a regular basis.

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Here are 6 email lists that I open every week and look forward to hearing from them:

  1. Lauren Carnes: this girl is the real deal. She was one of my first close insta-friendships and I adore her so much. Not only does she have a magnetic personality, she is very business savvy. Her emails are PACKED with content that will help you do business better, but also help you be a well-rounded individual. She probably doesn’t even remember, but months ago she wrote about a question she asks her husband every night after work. That inspired me to create a question I ask Joel every day (or when I remember to!). Sign up here.

  2. Megan Martin: this mama of three is one of my business heroes! I remember she offered to jump on a call with me a few months after I started my product shop, and some of the strategies we talked about are still things I implement today. She walks the road of motherhood and entrepreneurship with such grace. Whenever I am feeling discouraged about anything to do with mompreneurship, I think of things Megan has said in her emails and immediately feel empowered and have a wave of “you’re doing a great job” wash over me. What I love about her email is the fact that she is very business savvy, but she is also well versed in the “techy” side of business that I’m not that great at. Like SEO. I always learn practical tips about things like Photoshop from Megan while also feeling like she just gave me a big hug at the same time. How does she do it?? Get on her list right now.

  3. Marie Forleo: Marie is a pretty strategic and smart business woman. And I am sure she has hundreds of thousands of people on her email list. Yet, every time I get an email from her, I truly feel like she is only talk to me. She is so kind, empathetic, wise, and nurturing. These qualities show up in her emails and I always read them and feel like she just came into my office, gave me a hug, and told me to keep going. She has a way of turning real life moments into business lessons and she never disappoints. I also find her mannerisms and jokes in her videos to be entertaining and adorable.

  4. Reina + Co. Sunshine Mail: Reina is the epitome of sunshine. Her personality is cheery and kind and draws you in. I love the structure of Reina’s weekly emails--which is called sunshine mail--and you will understand what I say when you see her emails. I also love the practicality of the emails, while also making space for highlighting others. What I love about Reina is that she is so focused on uplifting and showcasing others, and this comes across in her emails! Get on dat list!

  5. Marva J. Coaching: I recently signed up for Marva’s content creation challenge. I am new to her list, but I appreciate the way I feel like she is a close friend who I know in real life. It’s clear that she cares about her clients and audience and I love learning from her emails! Her advice and content is helpful and useful for all entrepreneurs! Sign up today!

  6. Dannie Fountain: I met Dannie a little over a year ago at a conference and Kat Schmoyer leaned over to me and said “I love Dannie’s emails, I read every single one. You have to get on her list.” Right that moment, I signed up. At that point, she was a nomad and spending her days traveling all over the world. Her emails were a mix of travels and marketing strategy. She also has a way of turning life events into business lessons. She is now a big wig at Google and isn’t traveling (or sending emails) as frequently, but I still open up every single time they land in my inbox! Get to know Dannie, you won’t regret it.

And of course, I’d love to have you sign up for updates from me! I love to share thoughts and lessons I am learning in my own business, coupon codes for the shop, silly jokes, and everything in between.

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